‘Escape Room’ or ‘Live Escape’ is a live-action team sport. In a room, a group of people find clues, solve puzzles to get the task done in a limited period of time of one hour. There are many ‘Escape Room’ tournaments held by different brands across the entire globe. The most essential element to winning these tournaments is the formation of a proper team. Every member of a team has some hidden talent, some specialty, something in which they are good at. Today, in this post we are going to talk about types of team player that can make your team dominate in every aspect of Escape Room Game.


The Number Lover

Number lover or the one who claims to be a mathematician is really a great aid to the team. This type of guy thinks that they are good with numbers and if they actually are then they can play the role of puzzle solvers for the team. In Escape Room, your team will face countless puzzles which are associated with numbers, mathematical formulas, complex calculation; your team should have a number lover to overcome these.


The Enthusiastic One

Live Escape Room is a time-limited game. Your team has a very limited time of one hour to solve all the puzzles and get out. The environment, puzzles and that tic-tac of countdown clocks are designed to freak you out; in this situation, it is necessary for you and your teammates to keep motivated all the time. That over-enthusiastic fellow in your team can do this nicely. He can keep your team energetic all the time.


The Commander

The commander or the one who has named himself as the leader of the group is a very important player of the team. Escape game can only be won by a team effort. No matter how good your team has or how brilliant your teammates are; these all will be for nothing if they cannot do proper communication among themselves. The commander ensures that there is proper flow of information among team members. He/ she is a link which connects the players of a team.


The Scavenger

Scavenger is the person who has very sharp eyes; I say the clue collector of the team. Escape Rooms is not just about solving puzzles to get the clue; sometimes you don’t need to solve a puzzle, maybe puzzle is a hoax to divert your attention. The clue that you are looking for is right before your eyes, hidden in the room looking at you to be discovered. While other players are too busy finding a solution, the scavenger will look for potential clues which are scattered in the room. The scavenger is ‘a must’ part of the team.


The Timer Guy

Anyone could be the timer guy; the one whom you asked to join the game because your team is one player shorter or any active player who has a real sense of time. The job of time dude is pretty simple; to create havoc and panic among the teammates. His/ her eyes always look for moving hands of countdown clock instead of searching for clues. He/ she may prove useful sometimes to make the team realize that they are spending too much time for a single puzzle.

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