The problem that is spreading like a plague is mental illness. Whatever be the reasons but many people get surrounded by a mental illness like depression. Stress, anxiety, and depression are all like friends. Sometimes we have to deal with unhappiness but if we talk about the depression then it is the real drag. A person in depression is like in mental prison where one which is you is the only who can see the walls; you are the jailor, the guard and the main the prisoner. What people are going on the way is the full-time action that is working load less time for the family and friends and making the life to let it go. So this lifestyle where you just say let it go then you are welcoming such mental illness like depression. Internet or we can say the technology has made people paralyzed not physically but mentally as people’s mind is getting stuck to the technology and making then a solo personality performing in life.

This kind of stressed life where doors are closed for the loved ones and making one way is not good at all for an individual. When you search on the internet about depression then you will find lots of different ways to treat it. You know what we are lacking something when it comes to mental illness. Why we are not spreading social awareness that we do for other illnesses. When you ask anybody about the best way to get out of depression then the percentage will speak that medication is the only way out for this. Safety, confidence and many more such feelings are there that makes people worry about but you know that these at some point are responsible for such mental issues. Positive attitude or we can say positive thinking is the best way to fight against this. Although medications work when you ignored it initially and now you have to stop depression not to overcome your health or life. Trintellix is the brand in medicine; best for the patients who undergo major depressive disorder as it is the anti-depressant. Fighting against the symptoms is more important and by taking this can reduce symptoms of depression by 50 percent.

Sometimes signs and symptoms work as alarm helps you in taking the initial step towards the good treatment option. Never ignore such symptoms but instead add patience, positivity like qualities in you.

• The most important thing that you see as a change is loss of interest in daily activities. There comes a feeling that nothing is bringing pleasure or joy to you.

• Loss of energy, even to perform the small task, feeling fatigued and physically drained most of the time can be a sign of depression.

• Criticizing yourself for perceived faults and former mistakes, this makes you totally feel like you are solely to blame for the situation you are in.

• You can have changed in sleep like suffering from insomnia or oversleeping. This can be an additional symptom of depression.

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