Doing the same things over and over again can be tiring at some point. Even though you might consider that your current life is just the way it should be, if you are feeling down at the end of the day, you need to make a change in your life. Routine can be both satisfying and crazily annoying – it all depends on your traits, preferences, and reactions as a person. At a certain point in your life, you might stumble upon an odd feeling that has to do with the way you lead your day to day activities. When you start noticing that your activities are repeating over and over again, that’s routine and it may give you a sense of an organized life or, on a totally different note, a sense of disconnection from what you really desire.

Since you are looking for answers on how to escape from routine, then you probably find yourself in the second situation. Working from 9 to 5 and getting home to do the same things over and over again can get plain boring in a matter of time. Doing something out of the ordinary can reset your internal clock and recharge your batteries for future workdays and responsibilities that you can’t skip. Changing the way you spend time, especially after work, is a welcomed change, and getting informed about it is the first step towards a great outcome. Here’s what you need to know:


Mind mapping

Diagrams help everyone to be more organized. Having an organized life is the first step towards finding out what you enjoy doing, what’s worth spending time on and other relevant details about how you lead your life. Mind mapping is a process where you place all of your thoughts in one single diagram. You can either invest in applications for mind mapping or you can draw your own. A mind map contains different branches that should help you organize and structure the entire activity of your brain. It is an intuitive process and you might manage to understand your desires better by using it. Mind maps are recommended to people who work with multiple tasks at once, who are required to plan projects often, who are engaged in brainstorming activities or need to organize content.

By setting challenges in your mind maps, you can overcome routine sooner than you think. By making sense of all the information that you include in a mind map, you’ll improve your decisions and you’ll find it easier and clearer to see where you want to be at the moment. Mastering mind mapping is not difficult and you will start gaining more control of your life in a short period of time. You can set new goals that you can work for in the future, you can notice where you waste time and why you can consolidate any thought that you ignored because of the routine you were in.

Combating procrastination

Procrastination is one of the biggest reasons why people remain in a routine. People prefer to stay in their comfort zones, even if they don’t feel completely fulfilled while remaining in this state. Overcoming any fear you have and taking initiative instead of procrastinating could tremendously impact the way you live. Actually, combating procrastination could lead to greater things than you expect. Thinking through what you want to do and making small steps to achieve the idea you formed in your head is the only action required to transform your lifestyle. Procrastination seems to intervene in the most inappropriate moments and it can keep you from doing great things with your time.

Whenever an idea comes to your head and it makes your eyes spark with enthusiasm, don’t let it wither somewhere in your mind. Instead, invest real effort into making them come true and applying them in your day to day life. You should first understand the causes of procrastination which can be represented by an overwhelming life, an inert life or a disorganized life. Each of these reasons has an appropriate solution that you should adopt according to your own preference and situation. The limitations set by procrastination are not worth it, so give your best to combat it.


Your time is the most precious resource you possess. Not handling your time right can lead to a series of consequences that may affect your life in a negative way. Taking care of your time and prioritizing everything you need and want to do is a requirement. When you feel like you are caught in a routine, you should start setting priorities for yourself. You need to find a balance between the time you spend at work (and the amount of energy you spend on it) and the time you spend for doing what you love (and the amount of energy left for it). Prioritizing can be very complicated if you don’t have time management skills, but you’ll learn how to do it and take better care of yourself in the future. Your mental health and happiness are directly related to the way you live each day. This is why you want to pay a lot of attention to the activities you spend time and energy into.

Going on adventures

Feeling adventurous? How about buying a metal detector and going on a treasure hunt on a virgin island? How about bungee jumping or hiking? There are so many ideas out there that could transform your regular, boring weekend into a worth-to-remember one! Go ahead and do what you always wanted to do, regardless of how crazy it may sound to others or how different it may be from the life you live at the moment. Breaking the routine is all about doing things that you’ve never done, but you wish to. Limitations don’t exist as long as you plan your resources right and you know what you want from life. Don’t hold back and go on an adventure every time you feel like you need some get-away time.

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Cynthia Madison is a young blogger and economics and marketing graduate. She writes about home, lifestyle and family topics and is a frequent contributor to popular niche publications.