What is eSingaporeMath

E-Singapore Math provides students with access to high-quality instructions and a state-of-the-art technology platform that enable them to learn at their own pace and gain knowledge well beyond their grade level. E-Singapore Math curriculum includes over 800 lessons and more than 10,000 exercises and assessments. These resources are embedded into this modern instructional technology that helps motivate young students to achieve their true potential.
The Project
Business Situation
Our client is a US-based supplier of school software that enables students of all ages - from kindergarten (grade K) up to fifth grade - to learn math. The teaching system is based on the Singaporean method of teaching mathematics.
The client has been running a platform mainly on a legacy system built in Flash. Since Flash developers ceased supporting Flash in January 2021, we were faced with the task of converting the production system (LMS) to HTML. In addition, this had to be done in a very short time. We also had to migrate all the data (training videos, examples and tasks, tests, etc.) to the new format without having access to the data! Another major challenge was to create a website and content (video, images, etc.) for it in addition to the LMS.
We also kicked off SEO for this site.
The Angular 10 + Node.js technology was chosen for the implementation.
It was necessary to create an editor for math assignments, an admin panel, an LMS, a site for LMS, and fill the site with content in the shortest terms.
We also needed to transfer all existing data to a new format without having direct access to much information - 11,865 tasks were transferred in total.
Technical Challenges
The hardest part was making the task editor.
There were so many different types of task assignments.
It was decided to use CKEditor5 for the editor creation. To implement different types of blocks, 18 custom plugins for CKEditor5 of varying complexity were implemented, from a simple input to the output of division (and other mathematical operations) in a column and other large blocks.
Work process
As a result of thorough work on the project, we got a gorgeous PWA for both desktop and mobile use. All work was completed in time, for which we had to go through hard overtime for 3 months straight.
The new system was tested in beta mode by 700 American schoolchildren. To help with testing, we created a special feedback form for students and teachers to report an issue or error in problems. Thanks to this, we were able to react very quickly and fix bugs.
It is also planned to further develop the project by adding gamification and artificial intelligence, offering topics and tasks for schoolchildren with varying academic performance to pass.
Our SEO specialist has carried out a number of works:
Analysis of competitors
Implementation of the structure
Search for relevant keywords
Internal SEO-optimization of site pages
Technical SEO optimization of the website
At the moment, much attention is paid to:
Increase the speed of loading pages. Since Google has launched a new algorithm called Core Web Vitals, one of the top priorities has been to improve Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay and Cumulative Layout Shift.
Adaptation of the site for mobile devices
After the technical and internal optimization of the site, we immediately see the growth of key queries in the Google search engine
The Solution
We have decided to plan/commit/execute the project in weekly sprints.
All the issues we came across along the way were fully described by the business analyst and reported in a Google Document and demonstrated every time we negotiated the workflow with the Client.
Extra features were agreed to be compensated additionally. - e.g.
The Fixed Price pricing model was chosen for the project in hand.

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