Contrary to popular belief, USA consists of a huge non-English speaking population. Over the years, USA has attracted students, researchers and professionals from all over the world. Expatriates and immigrants from various non-English countries have also made a home in the USA. Hence, USA forms a major multi-lingual community and poses a consistent demand for ESL teachers.

USA is the land of many cultures and histories. It provides an eclectic bunch of people from all over the world and is the best combination of both the worlds- old and new. Many people are thus, seizing this opportunity and taking up the well-paying ESL jobs in the USA.

Those interested in taking up ESL jobs in USA must go through a TEFL Diploma or a TESOL Diploma course. This is the minimum pre-requisite for all English teaching jobs abroad along with a good educational background and fluency in English.

Online TEFL courses are available for professionals and aspirants interested in teaching English to non-English speaking people. An online TEFL course can be done from the luxury of home and holds the same value as its’ onsite counterparts. A TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language) Diploma course is designed scientifically to be at par with the latest methodologies of teaching a language. An online TEFL Diploma course is a basic course covering the major aspects of teaching English language. During a TEFL Diploma course, a teacher is trained to develop the four basic language skills which are, speaking, listening, reading and writing and developing vocabulary. This course trains a teacher to plan lessons and execute them in an interactive and communicative fashion securing maximum participation and thereby, ensuring maximum retention. Teachers during a TEFL Diploma course are trained on classroom management, foreign language awareness and student handling techniques and are encouraged to inculcate regular tests, projects and assignments in curriculum planning. The need for frequent individual assessments is also stressed upon.

A TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages or Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) Diploma course trains teachers to teach English top people with different linguistic, regional and social backgrounds and the ways of overcoming language barriers enabling smooth communication and free-channeling of expressions in English language. TESOL Diploma
course focuses on the basics of English language such as English grammar syntax and phonology. Context and language modeling and communicative ways are all a part of this course. A TESOL Diploma certified teacher is trained on the technique of planning customized lessons for a particular group and on the ways of handling large and mixed groups confidently and managing any crisis that may arise within a classroom.

People pour into USA from all over the world all the time for professional, educational and cultural purposes and they often need to be trained in English language. Hence, there is no dearth of ESL jobs in the USA. People interested in traveling and exploring the land of dreams often takes up ESL jobs in the USA. It is beneficial for students residing in the USA to take up part-time English teaching jobs to support their finances

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