Ex-CIA man talks to his plants and found they answer back. Or, a writer who kept in contact with an explorer in the North Pole but didn't use a radio- just the mind. There's a college where scientists worked out a system of Morse Code to communicate with Astronauts on the far side of the moon. Even Hollywood has seen this phenomena at work receiving eerily similar scripts from writer's around the world - flooded with similar scripts in batches at different times.

French researcher, Dr. Paul Joire had observed this phenomena particularly with subjects who were in a trance or hypnotized. They were able to sense objects outside their body even at some distance, in another room with the door closed between. Trance states and hypnotic phenomena have been deeply studied during the latter nineteenth century and the first decades of the twentieth. It was found that certain individuals were adept at externalization. On a couch, they could project through walls, go down the streets and see what was happening in a friend's kitchen several blocks away, narrating their experiences as they did so.

Precognitive dreams, premonitions, what is all that about? Can we send people dreams? Sending people dreams is what a group of people had accomplished at the Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn, New York. Dr. Montague Ullman and Dr. Stanley Krippner started this dream shop that was officially known as a sleep laboratory. Telepathically, they planted ideas, pictures, etc. in other people's mind while they slept.

Astral twins another interesting area of study. Astro-twins are born on the same date, at the same time and around the same geographical location. Researchers found that if you have an astro twin, the same events tend to happen in your lives at the same time. Astro-twins, not related in any way, tend to have accidents on the same date; they may share the same interests and hobbies, receive promotions at the same time, get married, have an identical number of children at the same time and even die on the same day of similar causes.

Thought power that moves objects as witnessed by many scientists from around the world who witnessed Nelya Mikhailova of the Soviet Union, world famous for her strange powers of mind over matter - psychokinesis - PK for short. Nelya was reported to be exhausted from a brief demonstration. Sometimes losing as much as three pounds in a half-hour of tests, as if she were somehow converting the substance of her own body into energy. Researchers set up the detectors all around Nelya. They found when objects moved, the energy fields around her body began to pulse in rhythm with her heartbeat and brain waves. She could mentally direct her energy fields toward the objects. Kirlian photography showed changes in the energies coming from Nelya's hands during PK.

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