These 6 pack ab training techniques will help get you chiseled abs faster, and with a lot less pain than just following your usual workout routine. And they're easy to use!


These 6 pack abs training techniques will get you ripped faster. With just a few simple changes to your workouts and eating, you'll start looking much hotter. That' simple.

Don't Do Abs!

Don't work your abs?! Yes, this'll actually help you get your abs faster.

See, getting ripped abs doesn't have a lot to do with how big your abdominal muscles are. It hinges more on how little body fat you have.

So skip the work on your abs and spend the bulk of your time planning your diet. A well planned diet to cut fat will do way more for your abs than any amount of crunches or curls.

Get The Right Body Fat Percentage

Like I said before, having ripped abs is all about having a low body fat percentage. That's it.

See, when guys get down below 10% body fat, and ladies get down below 17%, they'll begin to be able to see their abs. That's the long and the short of it.

So if you can't see your abs right now - drop some fat! If you're serious about getting ripped, (1) measure your current body fat percentage and (2) then lose fat and track your progress.

Measure, diet, track yourself, measure, diet, track yourself… It might seem boring, but it's actually the winning formula.

Lift Heavy Stuff

Lift heavy stuff. For most of us, this means weights like barbells and dumbbells. Why? They work!

Barbells and dumbbells will build up your major muscles, which is what you want to do in addition to losing fat. You can cut lots of fat off and you'll look 'ripped', but more muscle will make you look even more ripped.

Also, heavy lifts will work your abs in addition to your big muscle work. Lifts like the standing barbell press not only work to strengthen your arms and shoulders, but also strengthen your abs and all your supporting muscles.

So, lift big and heavy!

Add Some Cardio

Do some cardio to burn off your fat. Not a ton, mind you, but 30 minutes of extra running a few times a week will really help you. And sprinting is great too.

And even just a few days a week is fine. It's just another way to increase the number of calories you're burning.


Don't get carried away with cardio. It is great for burning some extra calories, but if you burn too many calories too quickly, you'll start losing lots of muscle instead of fat.

You can only lose about 1 to 1.5 pounds of weight a week that's fat. Beyond that, about half the weight you lose will be fat, and half will be your valuable and hard-won muscle.

1.5 Pounds of fat a week is fine.

Drink Tea, Coffee, and Water

OK, both tea and coffee contain caffeine, which will not only keep you alert and active, but also help mobilize fatty acids from you fat tissue. Meaning, they'll help you lose fat.

Tea, especially green tea, is great for fat loss for reasons beyond just its caffeine content. It's very intriguing, and you don't need to understand the biochemistry behind how it works- just drink green tea.

So just use these five 6 pack ab training techniques and you'll start getting ripped - fast! They aren't big changes, but together they'll speed up your progress.

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