With vandalism, theft and arson increasing every day, it is very important for a business owner to stay vigilant and beef up their security arrangements. 

These explicit activities can severely dent business activities, and even bring about lots of expensive damages. Security should never be compromised as the lifespan of the business is directly linked to it. And to keep it safe and secure, here’s a safety checklist which owners should think of implementing, for the period! 

Focussing On All Entry And Exit Security Doors:

Instructing all security guards to focus on all exit and entry doors may is a sound move to mitigate miscreant activities from happening. With that, one should even think of adding deadbolts and a high-security lock or even a Security Access Control System to control the traffic.

Also, keep a static security guard to monitor all security cameras both in and out of the building to spot for any suspicious activity or person-of-interest.

Bottom line- a clear line of sight should always be in place, and a trained and experienced watch guard should always be positioned at every crucial juncture of the commercial property. 

Protecting Valuables With Trained Security Guards:

Businesses usually have lots of important and expensive valuables. And so, they need to be safeguarded effectively. There are times when a staff forgets to lock up the premise. It could be due to stress, an overworked mind or being in a rush to be somewhere.

To prevent such situations; arrange for security men to lock up rooms/premises, cross-check windows, doors and gates, check the alarm system’s efficiency and performing random patrols. Doing so will keep those valuables protected and vouchsafe the businesses’ continuity. 

Educating Workers On Safety Practices:

Maintaining the security of the office is not the responsibility of security guards on hire in Sydney for the task. It is also up to everyone who is a part of the business. 

Being the owner of the business; one should instruct everyone about the necessary emergency, health and safety codes. The management team should even lead by example with imposed policies like locking doors and gates once leaving the room and reporting immediately on coming across any unusual activity.

Properly Managing All Incoming And Outgoing Workers:

Instruct all security guards to check for proper documentation, their ID proof and their references before allowing any entry into the office building. Arrange for resources to keep a list of everyone entering and exiting the building, along with their time. 

Do establish a set security procedure to handle security especially when a staff member vacates the office for the day. Also impose strict rules about changing computer passwords, keypad entry codes, etc. 

Ensuring That Network Security Is A Top-Priority: 

Every worker should be thoroughly briefed about business policies related to computer or internet usage or in handling sensitive information. Ensure the office Wi-Fi is properly protected with a strong passkey.

Even address the admin team to print sensitive documents only out of absolute necessity, and after use, shred them rather than storing it away somewhere. 

Most importantly, keep CCTV camera at the data room along with experienced marshalls from a top security patrol service to prevent any security breach.

Lastly- Performing Routinely Security Maintenance On The Business Property:

Performing routine maintenance on the business property should also be considered as a key priority. One can recruit quality mobile security guards in Sydney to patrol the commercial building and immediately report to their superiors on coming across something suspicious. 

With that; also think of adding motion detectors, floodlights to eliminate the possibility of break-ins and blind spots. All bushes and landscaping shrubs and grasses should be trimmed properly. Plus, instruct the security-in-charge to keep the gates locked after hours. Also, replace all damaged windows or doors to prevent easy entry or exit. 

These are some of the key security checklists that a business owner should look to implement into their existing security arrangement. So, contact a reliable service provider for security guard hiring in Sydney and ensure no security breaches take place.

Author's Bio: 

The author runs an agency that provides security guard hiring in Sydney for vivid security purposes. The author is also a writer who loves explaining to the readers about how security patrol service prevents theft and vandals from looting businesses or residential properties.