Looking for a job change, hiring for multiple positions, kindly share your resume and you are selected as our employee” 

These phrases are norms of daily corporate lives. Finding and searching for jobs is quite a tough task to accomplish. In the past days, people use to roam to find their jobs. They use to read newspapers to find their desired job. Once they find the suitable one, they use to approach the particular address with their biodata. The whole task was complicated at that time and in between job seekers used to miss various opportunities. 

Just the same with the job recruiters. Attending one-to-one or physically with the job seekers is quite a tough nut to crack. But thankfully, digitalization has streamlined the path and removed the barriers. Job recruitment mobile app development has enabled both job seekers and the recruiter to accomplish their part with so much ease and simplicity. 

All they just need to place a query with their attached resume and the searcher can easily filter out their match. 

This blog lists some important features of job recruitment application:

Find out the features that have made this job searching and recruitment an easy task for the doers. 

Multiple Language Support:

In the time of modern era, people are looking to find a job. It has been noted that 65% of the people are searching for their jobs and looking for mediums to apply. Since these job seekers belong to various corners of the world, there would be multi-language spoken people and they find it convenient to use if they operate the app in their native language. Adding a multi-language feature would give your application an extra edge to flourish.

Interview Scheduling Option:

This is one of the important features to include in the job recruitment application where recruiters can easily place or schedule the interview as their requirements and timings. The interviewer can schedule the interview and place the link. This feature would help users to make their tasks align with their impressions.

This feature helps every job finder to place the query and help them to make job seekers informed about the job and make they're applying for the position.

Premier Membership:

While publishing the job posts for the candidates and recruiters, why miss the opportunity to monetize from the application. One can include the feature of premium membership which enable users to get access to unlock the extra features and advanced services.

This particular feature can give multiple benefits and make users capable to find the multiple benefits related to finding suitable jobs and finding the exact candidates. 

Communication through App:

While posting jobs, scheduling interviews, and operating the entire interview task, it is very important to build the necessary connection with the candidates and recruiters. Enabling in-app communication is much important for the app user because it is important to place the queries in messages. Through this feature, one can get the chance to inform the candidates of the latest updates, openings, and other information. 

Payment gateways integration:

Monetization is an integral part of the job recruitment mobile app. But for that integrating multiple payment gateways into the application is a required task to complete. It is very beneficial to integrate payment gateways. Because users can use various payment gateways using their credit cards and other payment methods to opt for the premium packages of the application.


Job recruitment mobile app or job finding mobile apps is very important to launch in this fast pacing world. These apps should be integrated with multiple smart features and integrations to give users a border aspect to leverage the benefits of apps. One can build their app using various techniques and for various platforms like iOS and Android. It depends on their choice and getting the desired app that benefits the world requires an experienced and top iOS and android app development company.

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