1. Your success in life is not solely dependent upon your training, education, or ability. It also depends on your determination to grasp the opportunities presented to you. Opportunities come by creation, not by chance. Notice them and embrace them with confidence.

2. You possess the power of thought. You manifest success or failure according to your habitual thought patterns. Do you have more thoughts of success or failure? Realign your thoughts and make certain they are flowing in the direction of what you want instead of what you don’t want.

3. You possess the power of will. When you consciously choose to embrace that vital force within you and intentionally direct it towards your goals, your confidence will strengthen and you will become more effective, dynamic, and constructive in your efforts.

4. Make the decision that you will guide your mind to create only positive experiences. You will become the master of your destiny when you cease being a victim of your circumstances and steer the vehicle of your life with awareness, passion, and confidence.

5. Approach “mistakes” or “failures” as opportunities for growth. Allow them to stimulate you towards new levels of success as you consciously eliminate the chance for repeating the same “failed” experiences. This is the most ideal time for sowing the seeds for transformation and soul expansion. Shift your attention from failure to success, from worry to serenity, from mental chaos to concentration, from restlessness to peace and organization, and from frustration to determination.

6. Introspection and self analysis are key components to success. When you become aware of your shortcomings and commit to becoming your best, you consciously pave the way for progress. Decide upon your mission and commit to settling for nothing less than the unfolding of that mission.

7. Become an individual of initiative. Take daily positive action. Tap into the infinitely creative part of yourself that drives you to try new things, explore new pathways, and lead with a sense of adventure and passion.

8. Refrain from judging others harshly and instead examining your own shortcomings. Observing others is necessary at times, yet an unbiased mind will keep you focused on the real source of all that you see around you – yourself. See others from a more expansive and accepting perspective and notice a renewed sense of unity and connection with all of life.

9. Success is known or delayed by your habits. Your mental habits serve as mental magnets that draw to you certain people, situations, and events. Positive habits of thought reveal benefits and opportunities at every turn. Negative habits of thought repel opportunities for success and keep you stuck in unfavorable environments. Cultivate habits that draw the people, conditions and experiences you desire and let go of the rest.

10. In order to receive the gifts of wealth, success, prosperity and abundance, you must eradicate from your mind all thoughts of limitation and poverty. To tap into that undeniable and endless supply, you must maintain a consciousness of abundance. Even if you don’t know what lies ahead, do not focus on fear. Choose to have faith and know that new pathways will be revealed when your thoughts and actions support a consistently held success-full mindset.

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