Passionate makers have always seen the kitchen as a space for creativity and with the ideal appliances, they're been able to craft innovative recipes. In earlier times, it used to take hours to cook a meal for even a small group of people.

The modern kitchen is the opposite of the earlier kitchens with basic to advanced techniques like chopping, grilling or baking, which can be done automatically and efficiently. With every kitchen appliance, one is able to achieve perfection in every dish.

There are certain essential appliances that one needs to have in their kitchen -


These appliances are a must-have for everyone nowadays, and one cannot imagine life without one. There has been a great deal of advanced in the refrigerator with the help of technology over time.

The modern-day refrigerators started as an icebox. These were large boxes lined with a sheet of metal, such as tin, and ice would be added to the boxes which would then keep the food cold. The refrigerator today has a platinum finishing and great interiors that maximize food preservation.

Mixer and blenders

The first mixer and blender that was released as was back in 1922, when the first patent was filed for a spinning blade at the bottom of a jug. This is one of the handiest kitchen tools that most take for granted, and it was used for various purposes blending, cooking etc.

Hand mixers

Hand mixers are usually used to beat eggs for cakes, make bread doughs and whipped cream for icings and frostings of cakes. The portable hand mixer is hand-powered and can whip egg whites and whipping cream in no time. Without a mixer, beating eggs can take around 15 to 20 minutes to achieve the lightness and airiness that is required for some delicate cakes and pastries.

This is a handy tool that all bakers, at home and commercially, use to speed up the process and cut down on the workload, thereby increasing their productivity and efficiency. With higher volumes for commercial production, bakers often use a sturdier version, like the stand mixer and planetary mixers for very high volumes.

Electric cooker and oven

This product revolutionized the way food was cooked and the time it took to make it. Before the electric oven and stoves, people used firewood to cook their meals. The first electric oven was created for the use of the Ottawa’s Windsor Hotel in 1892 and the invention is credited to Thomas Ahearn, who had registered for the first patent for it.


This is one of the best inventions for the kitchen. The most tedious part of cooking is the cleaning, and with the dishwasher, a lot of the kitchen utensils were cleaned in a short time. This appliance was invented by a socialite, who was looking for a way to wash the dishes faster than the servants could. Josephine Cochran invented the dishwasher in 1887. As she entertained frequently, she invented a way to wash dishes faster without breaking them and hence, designed the dishwasher. She also went ahead to start the company, KitchenAid.

Kitchen appliances have made lives simpler for people passionate about cooking. There are other appliances that are also used, but these ones are the most common ones that most people use today.

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