There are several skin diseases and disorders which can be treated with proper use of essential oils. Since ancient times, we have always heard about the benefits which were showered after smearing of oils. Even essential oils have excellent healing powers. Plants' and trees' vital components which include leaves, flowers, seeds, fruits etc are used to extract oils. All these vital components are slowly squeezed in the laboratory setting to extract maximum benefits out of them. The source of the natural oil being integral parts of plants and trees hold big advantages.

Nowadays, they tend to be considered as aromatics, and of course this has its place. Essential oils are also used in some medications as well as in aromatic baths and massages and compresses. But perhaps more importantly, it provides medical alternatives to tranquilizers and other drugs commonly used to ease the tension. The doctors found that these oils, especially those related to the strong memories of smells, can lead to responses sedative to help you relax.

Unlike a traditional bath or massage oils, essential oils are concentrated and require very special care when handling them. And some oils cause blisters if applied directly to the skin. Follow the directions on the bottle to find out how to deal with the individual oils safely. Also, if you have any allergies or sensitivities, or if you are pregnant, consult your doctor before use.

These oils can work in a number of ways, but direct application onto skin is unsuitable for the majority of oils. Lavender and tea tree are the only two which should be applied in an undiluted form, but others can be worn on the skin if around 2-6 drops of essential oils are combined with each tablespoon of carrier oil or water. Direct application can be used in the case of Tea Tree to banish spots and acne or lavender on the temples to get rid of a headache.

Today, there are a wide variety of essential oils is available in the market having distinct features and purity level. You can use these natural essential oils as per your purpose, but be careful with the purity percentage inclusive of aroma and other contents. With this write-up, we give you a clear picture of the essential oils, their types, and availability in the market.

Last but not least, it is undoubtedly important to note that results can only be found from the purest quality essential oils. Substandard quality or adulterated oils not only fail to show favorable end results, but may well end up being toxic.

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