The process of a bathroom renovation is indeed the need of the hour. It's not only about turning the bathroom look attractive or making it functional anymore but as per the reliable property agents of Australia, bathroom renovation has a significant impact on the property value.

So, you have to make sure the process is carried on without a glitch. Starting from calling the right professionals for the job to the successful completion of the renovation process - you have to make sure that the proper rules are being followed.

So, what are the rules that help in updating your bathroom? Here are some of the things you need to do and things to avoid for the bathroom renovation.

Things To Do for Bathroom Renovations

  • Select Long-Lasting Material

There are different materials used in bathroom renovations. From the tiles to fixtures, everything should be of premium quality. Every element used for the bathroom renovations in Perth should last for a long time. Cheap products are more likely to get wear due to the humid atmosphere inside the bathroom.

  • Select the Right Colour and Style According to the Room Decor

It is highly essential that the material you will be choosing for your bathroom is appropriate for your home decor. For instance, if your entire home decor is minimal contemporary, going for a bathroom decor that is vintage and dramatic will prove to be quite an unwise decision.

  • Stick to Simple Changes

The renovation process is costly indeed! So, if you are thinking of changing the decor, it will be a wise decision if you stick to simple changes other than doing something drastic. Minimal is undoubtedly the newest trend. It looks contemporary, elegant and classic. All you need is a concrete plan for the renovation. In that case, even simple changes will make a big difference.

Things to Avoid in Bathroom Renovations

  • Don’t go for Current Trends

Well, everybody will tell you to follow the recent trends of the renovation. However, you don’t need to follow that always. Take hints from the trends but do not go for a drastic makeover following that only.

Five years down the line, the trends can change, and you will not be left with much options instead of changing the decor again. At that point, the previous makeover might seem to be useless.

  • Don’t Ignore Plumbing Issues

When you are aiming for a complete makeover for your bathroom and adding one of the most popular freestanding baths in the market, you should look beyond the surface level and look into the internal factors with much more attention.

For instance, the plumbing issues are required to be taken into consideration in this case. If you are experiencing a low water pressure or water leakage issues in your water system, consult to the renovators about it as soon as possible and get those resolved.

  • Do Not Avoid the Storage Issue

Secondly, you cannot afford to avoid the storage factor. Bathroom renovation is not only about the look but also regarding the functionality. If you don’t find enough space to store your toiletries in your bathroom, it would be a disaster. You have to create a layout that looks brilliant and at the same time remain functional as well.


These were the prime consideration for your bathroom renovation. Hope you have got a clear understanding of what you should be doing and what you should have avoided during the renovation process. Make sure you follow the rules and get the value for your investment.

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