There are several things that one needs to plan well before venturing into them, and one is getting an automobile.

Getting a suitable car involves a lot of planning, especially when you are short of finances and you need to get a car loan or COE renewal. A car loan can effectively lighten the burden of financial incapability. However efficient it may be, you need to get familiar with all the steps and rules that a car loan involves. Explore some cues provided in this article before proceeding with an auto loan agreement.


Financial institutions have ways of stretching loan payments over months or years. Discuss the total cost of the car loan with the dealer before signing an agreement. This is because extending loan payment attracts different interest rates. It is not advisable to jump in when you see monthly payment is very low, but calculate the loan and interest rates as stretched across months to know the total value of the loan.


Knowing your financial eligibility before applying for a car loan is very vital. Car loan through car dealers could be more expensive and attracts higher interest rates. You will do yourself the good of avoiding excess credit when paying back the car loan if you take note of the ability of what your finances and investment can pay for or bear.

Get a practical and payable car loan according to your financial ability. Banks and lenders will use this to calculate your interest and how payable the loan is.


When you get a loan, a percentage amount is charged on loan for some time. This percentage or extra money is called an interest rate.

Do not hurry to sign a car loan. Inquire deeply about different interest rates that a loan attracts from various financial institutions. Knowing this will help you to calculate the total cost correctly.

SG Cash N Cars advises not just to calculate the loan on the initial payment, but ask about the interest rate over different times. For instance, if you are getting a 2-year loan of $10000 with a 5% interest rate, the total payment will attract an additional fee of $1000.


Loan agreement comes with different length of payment, which is the maximum payback time. This period could be short-term or long-term. Nonetheless, the period of payment will affect the interest rate calculated on loan.
The example given above says an automobile loan of $10000 within two years will attract an interest of $1000 if the same loan is spread over five years, its interest rate would be $2500. Borrowers should take note of this when seeking a loan.


You should not apply for a car loan if your income is not realistic enough to service the loan. The car loan should not end up affecting your finance and investment.
With proper research and planning, applying for a loan, qualifying for it, purchasing your car, end eventually paying back a loan can be hitch-free.

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