Hand problems are quite common and many people suffer with symptoms. A highly trained specialist who can help resolve these issues is required, due to the complex structure of the hand. A hand surgeon has the required expertise to offer care and medication, which may not necessarily require surgery. An orthopaedic hand surgeon will guide patients through the treatment process and help in preserving the function of the hand.

However, an important question is how to find the best hand wrist specialist for an underlying issue. Here’s a look at some tips that will help in finding a hand surgeon near me:

  • Get references

Get started by asking a primary care physician / general practitioner to recommend a well reputed specialist. The next genuine source of information is often your friends, colleagues, family and other healthcare professionals. These people can not only offer recommendations but also an account of their first-hand experience with a doctor. Also, take some time to research the credentials and experience of suggested doctors. Once you have a short list, call and request a consultation to meet them in person. 

  • Look for credentials

Board certification / RACS accreditation plays a crucial role when considering a hand and wrist specialist for treatment. Certification is a sign that the doctor has the required training, experience and skills for offering specialised care. Professional membership bodies and other industry institutions will hold information regarding a surgeon’s credentials, certifications, training and medical experience.

  • Consider experience 

Discussion and resolution of complicated hand issues requires a skilful and experienced surgeon. The more experience a doctor has in a particular field, often the better the results can be. Hand surgeons specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of issues related to any structure of the wrist, hand, forearm and elbow. Inquire about the relevant experience that the surgeon has had, such as how many patients with your specific case they have treated. In the case of a particular treatment, ask the doctor how many such procedures they have done and what the complication rates were.

  • Quality of the clinic

It is not only important to consider the training and experience of the surgeon, but also to look at the quality of services and amenities offered by the clinic. It should have friendly and professional staff who manage a practice with the latest surgical equipment and tools. The facility where the surgery is performed matters, as top clinics have lower chances of complications and poor results. A good surgeon works in a team with allied health – hand therapists and excellent reception / management staff. The quality of the team often reflects on the quality of the surgeon.

Depending upon your location and if there is a need for frequent follow-up appointments, the position of the clinic will also come into play. If it is interstate and you require weekly or monthly visits for a set period of time, consider the time and cost that will be involved with airfares and taxi fees. If the clinic is nearer, but you require the assistance of someone to drive you there, also take into account the travel time for the person helping you. 

  • Communication

Choose a surgeon with whom you feel comfortable discussing issues and who answers the queries well. Get thorough information before going ahead with the surgery or treatment, and feel comfortable that the doctor has addressed all your concerns. Professional practitioners will welcome your queries and answer them patiently. The doctor should show an interest in getting to know you and considering your treatment preferences. 

  • Latest technology

There are clinics that use the latest technology for therapy as well as surgery. Look for practices with modern equipment, tools and machinery for precision and the best treatment. These clinics can offer the highest standards of care to patients.  Research websites and even patient reviews to assess the standard of the facilities and the technology that is used. If possible, plan a physical visit to the clinic for a better understanding.

  • Patient feedback and reviews

Take into consideration any patient reviews and feedback – for example google reviews. They offer insight into the doctor’s practices, their services, staff and more. The patient reviews reflect people’s experience with the clinic’s staff, appointments, environment and the level of satisfaction with treatments and surgical outcomes. These insights will inform you as to how well patients are treated at the clinic, if the staff are professional and how much time the orthopaedic hand surgeon spends with their patients.

Insurance coverage is something to consider. To receive the maximum in insurance benefit and pay the minimum in out of pocket expenses, choose a hand wrist surgeon who participates in your healthcare plan. However, do still take into consideration the experience and qualifications of a surgeon when selecting them from your plan. 

The above-mentioned points will help in selecting the most appropriate hand surgeon near me for treatment of your underlying issue. Credentials and experience matter, so take your time to research, meet and understand the treatment plans offered by a specialist. Choosing the best surgeon for your requirements will ensure the most successful outcome and results.

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