By remodeling your home, you’ll be able to not only attract new renters for your property but also keep your current ones happily in place. But, it can be pretty daunting when planning to choose between the upgrades that are worth doing and which types of materials that you should be investing upon. Even though all of the options may appear the same at first glance, the overall difference will be massive in the long-run.

Therefore, in this article guide, we'll be discussing the upgrades that are worth doing along with their cost-effectiveness & the return on investment. So, without much pondering around, let's get on with the list - with the help of property maintenance in Auckland services.

Suggestions For Renovating A Rental Property

1. Replacing Your Windows

It should be noted that realtors always tend to emphasise on the significance of having greater curb appeal, especially when you plan on marketing your property. It would be a smart move to upgrade your windows and thereby make a good impression on your incoming renters.

Moreover, upgrading windows will also help in packing a powerful punch for improving your long-term energy savings, mainly due to its increased insulation efficiency.

2. Use A Coat Of Fresh Paint

Painting is one of the most cost-effective solutions for any type of investment property. You can easily touch up on your walls with a fresh coat of paint, by mainly choosing neutral colours. This is because neutral colours can quickly resonate with a wide range of prospective clients and thereby marketing your property wouldn’t be that hard.

You can either choose to do this task DIY or hire professional painters for the same.

3. Change Your Flooring

Over time, hardwood floors have grown in overall popularity. The reason is that hardwood is durable and also very easy to clean - combined with a classic look. However, it should be known that renters generally prefer engineered wood or tile/concrete flooring. Both of these materials will be resistant to any changes in humidity as well as temperature and unlike regular hardwood, the planks will not expand or shrink in size.

Ensure that you look for bulk pricing from suppliers, so that you can keep the costs down.

4. Upgrade Your Kitchen

With the help of a minor kitchen upgrade, you’ll be able to enjoy a substantial return on your overall investment compared to doing a major remodelling project. For instance, instead of swapping out entire cabinets, just swap out the doors and thereby update them with newer hardware.

You can replace your old appliances with energy-efficient ones and look out for deals & offers on the same. Ensure that you take help from specialists in installing new appliances.

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