Mobile phone repairs can become complicated if you do not possess the right tools. So, here we will be describing a few tools that you need to have in your arsenal as a repair person. If you wish to develop your career as a mobile repairing technician in Geelong or Ballarat, or if you have just started your career, take a look at these tools so that you can enhance your repairing skills and get some of these to make the repairing process easier.

The Heat Gun

If you are into phone repairs in Geelong, the heat gun is a tool that you need to have in your repository. Without using this tool you cannot disassemble the device, especially the display as you will need to heat the adhesive first. Apart from the heat gun, you can also use the hairdryer.

The heat from any of the tool will soften the adhesive and makes it easier for you to pry open the display while reducing the risk of causing damage to the device. In some cases, a rice bag is also used to soften the adhesive.

The Suction Cup

Also called the suction cup pliers, this tool is very important in disassembling the iPhone and getting the display out. The suction cup needs to be attached at the back and front of the phone. After that, squeezing the pliers will help in getting the display out of the device in a safe way. So, if you are into repairing iPhones, this tool is a must-have.

The Guitar Picks

Sometimes you will face display assemblies in certain mobile phones glued together in such a manner that they cannot be opened even by suction cup pliers. In these instances, you need to use guitar picks.

As a technician performing phone repairs in Ballarat it will be easier for you to take the displays out of the phones by just inserting the head of the guitar pick inside the edges and then applying a small push.

The Magnetic Mat

This is one of the most versatile tools to have in a mobile phone repair.

In the repairing process, you need to loosen the screws and other small components. But, due to their miniature sizes, you can lose them easily.

To prevent this situation you need to use the magnetic mat which holds all of these in one place and makes disassembling and reassembling a breeze.

These mats also have separator lines to place the components in an organized manner and keep track of everything.

The Magnifying Glass

Since the components inside a smartphone are very tiny, you need to diagnose the problems in the components and see clearly what you are doing during the repair. For this, a magnifying glass is a must-have tool.

This tool is cheap and allows you to work while keeping both of your hands off the glass.

If you do not wish to place them on your table, you can wear them like the horologists for your convenience.

So, if you are into phone repairs in Geelong or Ballarat, you need to have these tools that will make your repairs less strenuous.

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The author is the owner of a company that provides phone repairs in Ballarat and Geelong along with tips to keep the devices safe for a long time.