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Running a marathon requires great physical exertion something you cannot achieve without proper training. In order to run a marathon, you need to have the right diet, get plenty of rest, and a proper training schedule. Getting in shape for a marathon is easy if you know the right strategies and tactics to use in your weekly training.

Staying hydrated is one of the most essential components to healthy training prior to a marathon. Drinking water is an essential component when doing any form of exercise but absolutely critical in training for an up-and-coming marathon. When drinking water on long runs, it is okay to stop and drink occasionally. Weighing yourself before and after runs is a good way to monitor your weight. Recovery from a run begins with regaining this weight. The best way to stay hydrated to stay away from overly sweetened sports drinks. The best way to quench your thirst is to stay away from alcoholic and caffeinated beverages which enhance the dehydration process. You can tell that you are dehydrated if your urine is a dark yellow color.

When you decides to run a marathon, understand that you will need adequate preparation time. Though it may seem easy to estimate how much time it will take to prepare for a marathon, it actually is not. To properly train for a marathon, you need at least six months even if you are athletic. Building up their bodies tolerance for long-distance runs can occur more efficiently if you train for an entire year. A regimen of running 3 to 4 times a week will properly prepare you for a 26 mile run over the course of a year.

A large portion of your everyday schedule will be taken up as you train for this marathon. If you have a very busy schedule, you need to consider how much time this training will take out of each and every day. Stress is a major factor to consider especially if you have other responsibilities such as a family and a career. Marathon training will take up a large portion of your life so you must be prepared to factor it in to your daily schedule.

Be sure to think very seriously before you begin your journey toward running a marathon. The key to success during your training to always be motivated and positive. If you are truly motivated to run this race, you will not look at your training as a job or chore. It is important to map out exactly what your training will entail on a weekly basis before you begin. In order to succeed, you must have a focused mind and a plan for success in order to run this race.

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