We have all dealt with real estate agents at one time or the other and most of us are sometimes jealous of them as we feel that merely for introducing a property to us they are earning such a high commission. It is our misconception that all the person does is talk and helps one find the right property for oneself if you are buying and find a buyer if you are selling. But this is not true as the work of a real estate agent is not so simple. What we do not realize is that in this profession there is a lot of uncertainty as you might earn good money through one deal and then there could be a prolonged period of zero income.

Job Description

If you want to take up this profession, you must know what it involves. The actual job description of a real estate agent involves marketing properties, finding buyers, arranging to show properties to potential buyers, taking part in negotiations and doing all the necessary paperwork and documentation. Advertising properties in the various types of media is an important part of his job and he has to be prepared to plough back at least thirty percent of his income into the same.

It is important to advertise in magazines, newspapers, television channels, radio stations, and websites so that the people become aware of the various properties that are up for sale. The agent also has to arrange for open houses where prospective buyers can see the properties. This involves a lot of expenditure which the agent has to bear. Experience shows that whenever a real estate agent does not put back a part of his earnings into further advertising or marketing, his sales dip.

Other Qualities

Moreover, the agent must realize that in this profession there can be many rainy days. The market conditions keep fluctuating and when the market is down, it is very difficult to convince people to buy properties. During certain months, there may be no sales at all and the agent must be prepared to face these times with patience. He should also plan out his finances so that they can see him through such bad patches.

An essential characteristic of a successful real estate agent is his ability to deal with different types of people. Some customers are easy to deal with whereas others are quite difficult to handle. Agents have to be flexible and understanding in their approach and they should have the qualities of being jolly, patient, persuasive and resourceful.

If you are contemplating becoming an agent, you must brace yourself to be determined, flexible and patient and have the courage to face all storms that you might encounter. You must remember that the consumers are also looking for a reliable real estate agent who can get them what they want and that too with a smile.

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The job description of a real broker or a real estate broker may include marketing of properties, finding potential buyers, and overseeing the paperwork and transactions. A local real estate agent can help streamline the business transactions for buyers as well as property sellers.