Establish your own dental practice is an exciting moment in your career and is a time that you will have many decisions to make. It can be very easy to forget essential tasks, and make mistakes in your planning. errors that will cause difficulties down the road. A good tip is to create a file and keep all documents related to this project in one central place.

Two very important considerations that you should think about first are:

Do you intend to operate alone, or have you considered a partner?

A partner would make financing easier and also would help reduce the overheads per chair. However, finding the right partner is not always easy and your new partner might not share your vision.

Have you chosen the location for your new dental practice establish?

Choosing the city where you want to live and work can have a huge impact in your life. Within that city you need to choose a location that has a high footfall so that there is greater opportunity for walk-ins.

Understand and Clarify Your Vision

1.Who is your target client?
As a dentist you will of course treat a wide variety of patients, but so will every other dentist in the city. Marketing yourself as a 'general dentist' will result in you being invisible. You will not have a unique selling point. In addition you need to have a target client, some sort of specialization. Patients who come to you for that specialization will hopefully tell their friends about a wonderful new dentist they have found. They will not mention the generalization and will consequently help you develop your general business. This should be an important consideration for your dental practice establish.

2.What is your long term vision?
In the past, opening the doors of your new dental practice was all that you had to do. These days a dentist will need to be a businessman as well As a businessman you need to set goals. Marketing experts suggest that in order to succeed you need to see a 15% growth year on year. Successful dental practices will spend between 3% to 6% of their revenue each year to achieve that growth.

3.What are your limitations?
Each state will have a dental practice act which defines the scope of practice of any dental practice defining what a dentist can or cannot do. Within the state this is fairly standard and your limitations under this scope of practice will be very much the same as your neighboring dentist. However, levels of training in certain procedures will affect the actual scope of practice for each dentist. If one has 5,000 hours of training in a particular discipline then his/her scope of practice will be that much wider than the dentist without that supplemental training. As a dentist it is essential to know your limitations and not market yourself in an area in which you are not adequately trained.

The 12 People You’ll Need to Meet

During the process of your dental practice establish, there are a number of specialists that you will have to deal with It is important to understand the dynamics between you and that service provider.

A recent study has shown that 94% of business startups fail during the first year and lack of funding is the main reason. FInding the right lender is essential. You need a lender who will provide enough funds yet will not overburden the company with debt and inhibit its growth.

2.Real Estate Agent
There are five primary considerations when choosing a Real Estate Agent.
They should have enough experienced,
Have no conflicting interests,
They should have the confidence to ask the right questions,
They should respond to your questions fast,
They should have good local knowledge, and have a good network of contacts with business locally.

The five considerations when choosing a contractor.
You must certain about what you want before you ask for estimates.
Ask for references.
Interview a minimum of three contractors.
Expect the contractor to be too busy for an immediate start.
Ask for a breakdown of what is done by contractors and what is done by sub-contractors.

4.Equipment Representative
You need to find a reliable and knowledgeable dental equipment supplier, such as Tree Dental. Seek advice about what other dental start-ups have purchased.

Having a good lawyer at an early stage of your business start-up is essential. Here are five reasons why you need a good lawyer.

Contracts: e.g. space, services, and supplies. Get them right or pay later.
Registration, Licencing & Permits – Make sure your practice is legal.
Type of Business – sole proprietor, LLC, Partnership, corporation, etc
Strict Conformity – make sure you abide by state laws
Liabilities – minimize your exposure to risk

6.Insurance Provider
Not having adequate insurance could result in your business failing

7.Site Planner / Architect
You have an idea, a concept and you need one man to take that concept to reality

8.Technology Provider
Technology plays an important part in the management of your business, it’s marketing and its communications. If you can get one supplier who can integrate all this before you start it will save disruption later.

Choose an accountant who is certified or chartered
Try and find an accountant who understands the needs of medical practices

10.Credentialing Company
If you are going to employ other medical professionals then a credentialing company can check professional status and qualifications.

11.Marketing Firm
Marketing is an overhead that will hopefully pay for itself and more. By allowing between 3% to 6% of your turnover you should be able to sustain growth.

12.Staffing Company
A staffing agency can assist you in finding first-class staff for your new business.

Establish dental practice equipment checking list

Obviously your new dental practice is going to have to invest in a whole range of new equipment. You can purchase all of this equipment at TreeDental ( )., a great dental online store, was brought to life on January 16, 2009 with the intention of making more better dental equipment accessible and affordable for more dental professionals all over the world. We have made an example dental equipment list below.

The design of your dental practice environment and selection of your dental equipment list is very important. Your equipment should be ergonomically designed and positioned to minimize the amount of movement and twisting which will be repeated throughout your working day. The correct equipment positioned well can increase your productivity. When starting a new practice you have a never-to-be-repeated opportunity to plan the layout from scratch.

Dental Practice Set-up

Operatory Packages/Dental Units
Patient Chairs & Dental Stools
Dental Lights
Dental Units Accessories
Delivery Units
Air Compressor&Vacuum Systems
Medical Sewage Treatment System

Small Equipments

High-Speed Handpiece
Low-Speed Handpiece
Ultrasonic Scaler
Handpiece Kit
Electric Handpiece
Increasing/Reduction Contra Angle
Dental Handpiece Repair Tools
LED Curing Lights
Dental Magnification
Intraoral Cameras
Dental Endosseous Implant Systems
Tooth Whitening Systems
Endodontic Equipment

Dental Instruments

Dental Mirrors
Scanning probe

Dental Consumables

Ultrasonic Scaler Tips
Endodontic Files and Broaches
Handpiece Burs
Latex Gloves
Bib Napkins

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