It is no doubt that Greg Atkinson is doing a substantial amount of work for society, and no one can question his knowledge of Christianity and the church. His usage of technology to supplement his work, along with the intelligent use of social media, is what has made him stand out. 

Greg Atkinson is the founder of Worship Impressions and the First Impressions Conference. He is also the co-founder of the Social Media Church Conference. Not only has he been constantly aligned with media channels and activities while working as an alliance partner of Rukes Search Group, but he serves on the advisory board of Full Strength Network.

Greg has majorly contributed to The First Impressions Conference, which reaches over 100,000 attendees from 50 countries. The conference is known to have featured world-class speakers like the former CEO of Popeyes Chicken, the former VP of Walt Disney World, and the former VP of Chick-fil-A. 

Other than that, several business executives and church leaders like New York Times bestselling authors Rick Warren, Craig Groeschel, Bob Goff, Christine Caine, Mark Batterson, Dr. John Townsend (author of Boundaries), and incredible speakers and leaders like Carey Nieuwhof and Albert Tate are also some of the recognized and renowned members in the audience. Greg’s church leadership conference features over 100 speakers from all types of backgrounds and areas of expertise so that the audience can relate.

The First Impressions Conference is not only about helping Christians but people around the globe. It caters to the core customer experience and how hospitality can make this world a better place. With its extensive and knowledgeable speakers, the conference aims to strike at the hearts of its audience so that the people worldwide can grow to be more accepting and tolerant of the differences and uniqueness around them.

The First Impressions Conference teaches people how to connect with inspirational leaders in the church and corporate world. It's a fantastic incentive to learn from and be motivated by some incredible speakers on a range of subjects as it assists individuals by providing learning resources for free such as ten editable connection card samples and four PDF guidebooks. This will assist everyone in improving their guest experience ministry.

Greg Atkinson has not only been termed as a competent presenter by his colleagues and network but is also regarded as very easy-going when it comes to people and his approach. His deliveries are concise, clear, easy to understand, and valuable. Greg is an entrepreneur, an international speaker, and also a bestselling author in his field. With his vast knowledge spanning over 28 years and over 70 countries. The man himself has written and has spoken to more than tens of thousands of individuals and leaders, training them since 2000. 

His writings have been commended worldwide, as evident by the fact that his writings have been bought and read by more than a million book readers. Greg's special characteristic that distinguishes him from others is his enthusiasm; he speaks and writes with passion.

To carry out his cause, Greg launched a website in 2003 to assist Christian pastors by equipping them with networks and resources. This website also encouraged ministers, artists, and leaders across the board. The website was very effective as Greg himself was a Carolinas and Washington DC worship pastor for 11 years prior. 

Greg has touched people’s hearts with his messages and his writings. He has undertaken several book projects and has also written the Foreword for Facebook for Pastors and a section on social justice in Wasabi Gospel, a Shawn Wood book. His bestsellers have received a 5-star rating and have also been included in Must-Read Books for Preachers in 2018. His book Secret Shopper was also in the Year in Review of Books of 2017. 

In the technology aspect of things, Greg has written a devotional for YouVersion, which is a Bible app, and also for This has been downloaded over 100,000 times and has also received praise enabling it to be translated into multiple languages. This has made it possible for people from various regions to take part in the app. 

His passion for helping people has been noticed by credible institutions and organizations. His advice has been featured in Forbes, and his specializations include hospitality, leadership, and worship. He is also an active member and a contributor to the Forbes Coaching Council. 

He has had his fair share of difficulties along his way too. He went public with his firing from Forest Park Baptist Church in Carthage, Mo. This was due to him confessing to the lead pastor that he suffered from some mental health issues. This was due to insurance disputes of the company with the staff, which forced Greg to move to North Carolina to another church. 

It was a difficult time for Greg and his family, as he later disclosed. Although this transition helped him in becoming a consultant to churches, he was worried at the time that going public with his diagnosis could result in his career going downhill as the church regularly fires people after they disclose their mental health concerns. But Greg believed in his abilities, and he knew how to bounce back and overcome this challenge, so he did. Greg always believed that there is nothing you cannot achieve with faith and prayers. To inspire, Greg shared some words of wisdom acknowledging his transformation; he said, “Prayer changes us. It’s a dialogue and conversation with God. As we spend time with God, we realize just how much He loves us and that love transforms us.” 

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