Choosing web hosting is one of the first steps to creating a website. Both its stability and availability, as well as its potential for website development, depend on it. And all three of these things are critical for online stores. Equally important is whether or not it can work with databases. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right hosting for the online store.

How to choose web hosting for online store

Estore is a dynamic web service with a lot of daily purchases. For such a website, it is necessary to choose a hosting that will allow all systems to work quickly, despite the load that occurs when processing large amounts of data. Even if your e-business is small right now, it's best to make sure your hosting provider can provide you with all the resources you need in the future.

For a small online store with 2,000 items and infrequent purchases, you can choose a shared hosting plan. With regular promotions or the launch of promotions, the load increases, so it's worth choosing a plan with a virtual server. For a large store, for example, with 20,000 items and a high load, consider renting a physical server.

But before choosing a hosting, it is very important to decide on the tasks that you set for your estore. Hosting for online stores should be powerful and provide each website with access to the required amount of resources. 

Evaluate the technical capabilities of the website. And choose the best option for your web store. An estore hosted on a good hosting will work like a good clock, thus saving a lot of time and effort for its owner. This will allow your online shop to work stably.

If you plan to develop your e-store later by attracting more visitors and adding new features that will increase the load on the server, then choose hosting with a good reserve of resources. Or else you will be in need of choosing another service plan or even changing host provider.

Online store stability importance

Even the most basic instability issues or estore shutdowns can cause big problems up to the outflow of customers and serious financial losses. Here are some of the major annoyances that are dangerous for an online store:

  • The website is slow. According to Amazon, they lose 1% of sales for every 100ms of delay. It is clear that small shops will not lose so much, but still. Nobody likes to wait.

  • Some website pages are not available. This could be a product page, a shopping cart, or a form of payment. And companies are doing expensive research to improve the design and increase the conversion of website pages. And these pages must be available to users at any cost.

  • The entire website is unavailable. It’s good if it is completely down - the owner will quickly notice this. Worse, if the website crashes from time to time for some clients. This can go on for months until shoppers start complaining, but it will be too late to prevent them from ever returning to the online store again.

The result of these, as well as many other issues, is always about the same: the online store loses customers. And none of the buyers will tell the owner of the online store about the problem. Most users will simply go to a competitor. And share negative experiences with friends who will never become your customers.

Estore monitoring importance and best tool for it

Simply put, website monitoring is a big part of the work of a technical specialist in a company or even a whole team of such specialists. The global goal of this work is to find out about any problems with the website in time and prevent them. And even the most basic malfunctions can cause big problems up to the outflow of customers and serious financial losses.

To prevent those problems in a most efficient way you can use the best website availability test - host-tracker service with a lot of useful monitoring tools. This website monitoring service provides webmasters with a full range of checks and tests that may be required to monitor the performance of a website for a small subscription fee. And if you're leery of using it, you can read HostTracker reviews or even try out its features yourself. It has a fully functional 30 days free trial to try everything.

In addition, you will have access to its instant alert system, which will make your website monitoring procedures fully automated. This service is integrated into every test and will notify you of anything that is dangerous to the stability or availability of your website. It will just send you a warning message immediately.

Estore server-side issues

Often problems arise not only with the website itself, but also with the server. The symptoms of problems can be exactly the same. The website may be slower, there may be problems accessing web pages, or the website may be completely unavailable. And it may be a server problem. They should not be confused with problems occurring specifically with the website.

To avoid such situations, it is best to use automatic monitoring systems. The already mentioned online host test on host-tracker would be the perfect solution. Since this service will additionally notify the webmaster of all emerging problems. And then the webmaster will definitely not miss even a short break in the availability of the website. At the same time, the service can notify the webmaster using a variety of modern messengers, both around the clock and on a schedule.

In most cases, these problems occur when the server is configured incorrectly or the server itself is unstable. In this case, the website may have a sharp decline in uptime, there may be problems with the databases and payment or even. 

But the most dangerous are short-term interruptions in the availability of the website. If the server provided by the hosting is unstable, it may not affect the uptime. But the website will be unavailable from time to time. And it's very difficult to notice at first glance, using classical methods of monitoring. Because in order to detect such problems you will have to look through all the error logs. And that's assuming that the webmaster detects such problems at all.

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