The word Ethics comes from the Greek word meaning character or conduct. Ethics are not imposed by a profession or by law, but by moral obligation. Dental ethics refers to moral duties and obligations of dentists towards the patients and society. Dentists are responsible for their patients and communities in which they practice, thus it is in their hands to preserve and enhance the profession of dentistry.

There is a number of ethical and transparency issues concerning the dentist-patient relationship, but it is important to understand that at the root of the relationship lays a mutual trust. Dentists should consider ethical and transparent principles in patient’s interests and demands.

First and foremost, the principal objective of the dental profession is to render service to humanity with full respect for the dignity of the profession and man.

It is essential that the dentist should educate the patient regarding treatment to the fullest of his or her abilities. This ensures that the patient is making an educated decision relating to his or her treatment. Ensuring that the patient is not only aware but fully understands the risks involved in the recommended treatment. The more patients understand the reasons behind the various procedures and options available, the better dentist can cater to the exact needs of the patient. This way ethical and transparent dentistry gives active choice to the patients in treatment options. It is always important to give all the information in terms of cost and treatment options available so that patient can make the smartest decision to fit his long-term health and financial goals.

Further, transparent dentistry is when your dentist gives you an element of inclusiveness and control over your procedures, treatment options, and associated costs. Modern dentistry (with technological advancements) allows patients to actively participate in their own treatment. This gives them more knowledge regarding transparent and ethical dentistry making a smarter patient and giving more control over dental choices.

Further and most important that it is Dentist’s duty is to keep patients safe and healthy by providing appropriate and pain-free oral functioning. Part of this is keeping his or her knowledge and skills current and updated.

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