The world is divided into many landmasses called continents. Each of these continents has many countries and each of these countries have their separate government, people, and living conditions, physical and social differences. The best part is that each one of us likes to know more about the others. There are many ways to communicate to each other. Some of these have been used for many years and some are very modern but the ultimate requirement is to know each other well. America being a powerful country of the world, people across the globe waits eagerly to know more about America news. Some of the European countries are important for the social and economical development of the European continent as a whole and for the economy of the other countries too. So Europe News has its own importance. Not all wants to know what is happening through out the world rather most of the Indian citizens are eager to know about Indian state news.

American economy controls the world economy a lot. Several decisions of other countries are partly influenced by what is happening in the American states. So it is quite common that the America news has got lots of importance not only for its own but for the other countries across the world too. The Indian state news is important for the people residing in Indian and the Indians resign in the other countries too. The Europe news also has the effect on the world economy so knowing what is happening in the various countries of Europe is important.

The various means of communication are-

• Radio
• Newspapers
• TV channels
• Internet
• Mobile phones

To reach the remotest of the places, radio is the best way to deliver the India state news. The newspapers keep different pages to provide the world news and same with the TV channels. TV channels do keep separate slots or stipulated hours where all the important America news, Europe news and rest of the world news are presented. The information which are mainly presented to the people in the form of news covers these areas-
• Politics
• Economy
• Education
• Entertainment

Getting the information is not at all a thing to worry. Just sit in front of the computer and click the mouse and you get the latest information. You get the portals in the local languages so that you can grasp more of the information very easily.

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