Loss of consortium means deprivation of a normal conjugal life. In legal definition, Loss of consortium is a claim that covers the deprivation of a spouse from the married life’s benefits. For instance, if you lose your partner in a fatal car accident, you have legally entitled to claim for the damages.

When can you file for Loss of compensation claim?

The loss of consortium falls under the category of personal injury. The plaintiff is legally entitled to seek compensation if he suffers from a loss of affection.

The plaintiff can also file for the Loss of consortium lawsuit if he is unable to maintain a sexual relationship with the partner because of the accident-related injury.

Loss of compensation is not only limited to spouses, but parents are also eligible to claim compensation in the event of the death of the son or daughter or injury in a car accident.

If you have a serious injury, the Loss of consortium claim is also serious. Still, both the plaintiff’s and defense attorneys overlook the aspect, but the jury takes the matter seriously.

Florida jury body consists of six jurors in the trial who are selected in the initial jury selection process.

Two alternate jurors are also chosen to serve in the event of unavoidable situations when any juror misses the trial.

It is essential to influence the jury in the trial, and a personal injury lawyer can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

How is the damage for Loss of consortium injury calculated?

Laws for Loss of consortium case vary from state to state. Several factors are taken into account in Loss of consortium cases to calculate the damage of the plaintiff. Factors such as the Loss of social reputation, embarrassment and emotional trauma are some of the essential components that evaluate the damage. Claiming for the Loss of consortium is a complex and challenging process.

But, when you have a qualified attorney by your side, you get the full legal assistance. To consult with personal injury lawyer florida visit foryourrights.com.

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