Do you want to know how to get your girlfriend to come back to you, even if she has just ditched you? Depending on whether you still love your ex-girlfriend you should try to get into her mind and work out what makes her tick to win her back. Follow these guidelines to assist you with dealing with this tough time.

Tip #1 - If the man is looking desperate this is the last thing a woman wants. Refrain from emailing, phoning and texting her at every given opportunity as soon as possible. Make sure you don't run into her accidentally on purpose at and places she goes. If you do these things then it seems like you are stalking her which is something no woman wants. Instead, it's much better at first if you put some distance between you and her. She may start to wonder what you are up to with your life if you keep your distance. Initially don't try and talk to her and take things easy.

Tip #2 - It might benefit you now you have the time to do it, to make improvements in your life. Was it because you were boring and negative that she broke up with you? Alter those things. Better yourself. You really need to do this for your own well being and state of mind as well as to benefit her. Ensuring that she sees some change in your could be good enough. Try to show here that the person she used to know and love is there under the surface and she will want you back.

Tip #3 - Look on the bright side of life. Don't sit around at home but get out and have a laugh. Your mates will be pleased to see you for a drink or if you want head off to do something that makes you content. No woman likes a man who is constantly miserable and depressed. You don't necessarily need her in your life to be happy, and by doing other things this will show her that.

It's important, despite how tough it seems, to get a woman back, to go out there and do things. Happiness is infectious and spreads and if you are content then she and others will want to be near you.

Tip #4 - Take things slowly and meet for lunch perhaps to talk about how things are going. She will hopefully see the new and improved version of you and want to be part of it. She could easily get scared and head off again if you don't meet her as friends and get too heavy too soon. Refresh her memory on the great times you shared. Doing this is a fantastic way to getting a woman back. You should discover how much you enjoy each other's company if you start off again as friends for a bit. You will stand a much better chance of her wanting you back once she discovers how much she has missed you.

Tip #5 - You can move to the next step of the relationship again once your friendship is stronger again. If you believe that things have got to that stage, then don't hesitate to ask her out again. Sit down and discuss with her about trying again to get the relationship back on track. Be truthful and to the point. It's always something that women really admire about men when they let their feelings out. Let her know that you are happy to take things are her pace if she is a bit wary about starting the relationship again. Much of the trepidation a woman feels is that she is worried they might get hurt again. Try to make her aware that you will make every effort to win her trust for the second time.

Be aware that any relationship is time consuming as is gaining someone's trust. It's important that you don't ruin everything from the start by being direct. Don't rush into things. These are the tips on how to win back a woman. You should always remember when trying to get a woman back that you can't seem too desperate, show her you've made positive changes and value her as a friend as well.

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