We pursue our interest. We feel that if we do something we are interested in growth is guaranteed. Then this growth can be in any avatar. It can be fame, money or just self-actualization. Now interest has taken one more form. Stock Market news is the new buzz. Bombay Stock exchange, Nifty, New York stock exchange etc are now tracked enthusiastically. Every second can let you make or loose great amount of money. Every event that has significance to a particular nation can impact Sensex. Finance news never forgets to mention latest information in the movement of Sensitive Index. Events like general elections and severe terrorist activity influences it to move up or down showing the mood of the market. They are very important for economy news as a whole.

There are companies listed in Stock Market. As a whole they are market indicators. They may be large cap, mid cap or small cap. Positive or negative movement in their index means the profit or loss they may face in future depending upon activities going in. Various news channels now capture stock market news. They are specific to them. Portfolio Management is a term coined by investment freaks. They like to put money into the market and then keep their eyes on financial news for all the latest happenings of it. Money has made people couch potato.

Cases like suicide are also reported when some of them loose lot of money in wrong investment. Economy news is all about ups and downs a nation takes on its path to maintain the social calm. Such cases are sad when people loose their confidence in themselves. It is always been said that a building can be rebuild out of rubbles if foundation remains intact in any calamity. We are the foundation for our progress and development. We should let hope drive our life not fear. It has power of recreation.

No doubt news has the charge to lead us. News has the sentiment to invoke reactions we never thought we possess. News has gravity to pull curious interests. Finance News especially that has Stock Market News in it gets very demanding. We have an economy that is progressing very fast. Whole world has high hopes with the economy news coming from India. We have responsibilities to fulfill towards our society and nation. What we can do is to follow our instincts at worst and interest at best. There may come times when we can feel that we have let down others. We should never loose sight of better world waiting ahead. Self-motivation is the key!

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