There are various career options available for the students in recent times. All of them provide lucrative job opportunities. In such a large menu of career options it become very difficult for the students to choose from. One of the most exciting career options available is Mass Communication. This is a creative and enthralling career option attracting the youth in large numbers. Though this field has been a great influence since ages, in recent times a career in mass communication and jobs coming under this field have gained a professional touch. One of the two main branches of mass communication that have attracted many into this field is: event management and public relations.

Career in event management
A glamorous and thrilling career option.
Includes advertising and marketing skills
Mainly includes unleashing one’s creative abilities to the highest potential in order to attract the customers
Event management is a branch of mass communication that includes organizing various professional events, keeping in mind the needs and demands of the audience it is targeting.
It not only involves the creative aspect, but also a broad vision and planning.
One has to keep in mind the budget of the audience involved in setting up of the event.
One of the major pre-requisites for this job is to have good leadership qualities. Since, event management is a group work; one should be open to take ideas from every member of the group.
Many degrees and diplomas are available for event management.

Career in public relations
Public relations, is basically monitoring and assessing the relationship between an organization and public.
Public involves a large audience. It could be the government, shareholders, consumers, employees, etc.
Main work of people in public relations is to maintain a balance in the relationship of management and employees and keep a clear communication network.
Public relations are an important branch of mass communication and it has developed as a successful career option after a boon in the advertising industry.
Since every company and firm needs to have a good public image, they need to gain the trust of the audience.
The job of people in public relations is to gain that trust by understanding the needs of the costumers the company is dealing with.

A career in public relations and event management is growing with time and since they provide interesting job opportunities they are in high demand. Both of them are branches of a wider and dynamic career option called mass communication.

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