The St. Louis Events and Adventures singles activity club had quite an interesting month in January 2011 with a wide array of activities and events that included a ski trip to Hidden Valley, and a rare seasonal opportunity to view bald eagles in their natural habitat fishing and soaring above the Mississippi River.

We also actively supported several organizations in our local community. There were all kinds of classes and even an estate-planning workshop for members to attend. Other activities included scuba diving and belly dancing lessons that are something of an eclectic or acquired taste. One thing all of these events had in common is they were organized and planned especially for members in the pursuit of fun.

If you are single and living in the St. Louis Missouri, area how did you, spend the first month of the New Year? Did you have an active social calendar or were you simply longing for something and someone to enjoy new experiences with? You do not need to keep waiting and hoping for life to get exciting. Now you can make it happen by simply joining your local Events and Adventures club. Of course, there are other options for singles in your area but none offers the same excitement this company has built its reputation on delivering.

Moreover, the St. Louis club frequently gives back to its community in special ways. For example, Events and Adventures St. Louis often encourages members to do the right thing and the month of January was no different as our calendar scheduled a charity gala among its many activities. How many clubs or groups for singles can make this type claim?

In addition to this gala event, the St. Louis club also sponsored an evening event, "Give a pint, Grab a pint'. The giving was a blood donation to the local blood bank and the grabbing was an adult beverage. As you might imagine, some members were a bit squeamish and opted out of the activity one may have even fainted. As a club member, you may participate in as many or as few activities as you desire. There is no pressure to attend any of the monthly events, which average a minimum of 30 every calendar month and sometimes exceed 50 in large clubs.

The point is that as a member, you never have to worry about finding like-minded others to join you there are always many friends on hand and you never know who may attend a scheduled event. The one certainty is that you will have a well-organized activity or event that comes off without a hitch and stress free. All we ask of members is to bring your fun and we will do the rest.

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Events and Adventures is an exclusive singles club with locations in major cities across the United States and now Canada. Visit our website or phone 1-888-600-5999 for information or if you have questions about membership.