Polycystic ovary disease (PCOD) is a hormonal condition that affects a large number of females at their reproductive age. It is a very common endocrine disorder that has encountered among females. This result in affecting menstrual periods, insulin resistance, and acne and in later life may cause diabetes or uterine cancer. Early diagnosis is required for early treatment and also to minimize the chronic consequences. This condition may affect the ability of a female to have a child or we can say it can affect a female’s fertility. This can make your periods irregular or stop and may cause acne on your body and face. It also elevates the chances of other health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes and uterine cancer. Generally, having PCOD means small cysts in your ovaries but in certain cases, you may not have cysts. As we mentioned earlier, the condition may arise due to hormonal imbalance. So let see how it occurs.

PCOD and hormones

With PCOD the reproductive hormones will be out of balance which may lead to creating problems with your ovaries. For instance, not having menstrual is a very common sign to be noticed in this state. In a human body, hormone plays an important role to make happen in various processes. Among which some of them are connected with the ability to get pregnant and may affect the menstrual cycle. In case of PCOD following hormones are included:
• Insulin: Blood sugar in our body is generally managed by insulin. In the presence of PCOD, a female body may not react to insulin the way it should.
• Androgens: This hormone is often known as the male hormone which too has. Females having PCOD tend to have a higher amount of androgen in their body. This may cause symptoms like hair growth and hair loss as well. In addition to this, the condition can also make it difficult for a woman to get pregnant.
• Progesterone: During PCOD, the female body may not have enough hormones which can affect your periods for a long time.

PCOD Causes:

When a female diagnosed with PCOD, she might start evaluating the PCOD causes or what could give birth to this condition. But the truth is a doctor doesn’t know all of the reason why some females get POCD. But is it assumes that you are more likely to have PCOD if your mother or sister has it? This can also be linked with the problem that makes your body produce a high amount of insulin.

PCOD Symptoms:

A female might be bothered by some of the PCOD symptoms which others may not experience. It consists of hair growth in the unwanted area. Here, you may experience hairs on places like chin, breast, stomach or thumb. Addition to this, obesity is another symptom of PCOD that is being noticed by most of the females. It is found that half of the women suffering from PCOD have weight issues and it becomes hard for them to lose it easily. At times, females also have oily skin which leads to breaking out on your body and face. You cannot assume having a break out means you have PCOD. Pimples may arise due to other skin problems also. In some cases, PCOD also brings trouble in sleeping and tiredness. You may face trouble while falling asleep. Moreover, the most common symptom of PCOD is an issue in getting pregnant. Most of the female diagnosed with PCOD may experience infertility issues.
PCOD Treatment:
PCOD treatment aims at managing individual concern such as acne, obesity, infertility etc. Specific treatment consists of medicines and lifestyle changes. Your doctor might recommend medication to regulate your menstrual periods. For instance, birth control pills or progestin therapy is recommended. Apart from this, lifestyle changes include losing weight can improve your condition. Adapting healthy eating habits can also help you to improve your body conditions. Moreover, regular exercise can also help you in reducing weight and balancing hormones. It also helps lower blood sugar level in an effective manner. It also helps in preventing insulin resistance and keeps your weight controlled.

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