Having an affiliate marketing blog is one of the most 'efficient' ways to make product offers while also building relationships! When you expect to earn money blogging by making product offers having a plan becomes even more important! As a blogger you will be kept extremely busy writing but you'll also need to be earning the trust of others therefore your time will need to be properly managed!

Let's examine 3 important components of any plan you devise that will allow you to earn money blogging while also building relationships!

Content Strategy

Every blogger is fully aware of the time it takes to develop good quality content and that this is the foundation for all successful blogs! Finding multiple uses for the same piece of content helps bloggers from doing twice the work! In addition developing a strategy or multiple sources for finding new posting ideas is also suggested since you'll be doing a lot of writing for your blog! These simple plans and/or strategies will allow you to focus more on building relationships and effectively making product offers!

Promote Goodwill

Not every product you find or develop needs to be sold for you to make money! Getting back to what it takes for building relationships I believe nobody will argue the fact that trust plays a role! Well along those lines many products can be used to help build this trust and loyalty by being given away as a sign of your appreciation! You are simply strengthening the foundation of these relationships which increase your chances being able to earn money blogging when making product offers to these same people!

Managing Your Time

Schedule your work day so your efforts will be more productive and focused on only those matters which will help you earn money blogging! Promoting your site to increase your exposure, creating new content, building relationships and making product offers is where you need to maintain your focus! Scheduling your work day around these 'functions' is the best way to accomplish what it is you've set out to achieve which I believe is to ultimately make money! Plan in advance how to coordinate your efforts to get you where you want to go and as quickly as possible!

Your affiliate marketing blog gives you tremendous flexibility in terms of the product offers you can make! In fact this is a very common strategy used successfully by many to earn money blogging but to get the best results proper planning is required! Since most bloggers work alone, developing a plan with an emphasis on the 3 components discussed above is highly recommended! Remember, you will be responsible for not only writing content but also building relationships so your time MUST be used wisely! Proper planning will help you accomplish this thus allowing you to achieve your primary goal which is of course to earn money blogging!

Author's Bio: 

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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