Knowing the exact cause of back pain is a bit difficult; There are some actions you can take to reduce your back pain and prevent it from deteriorating. This can be achieved by reducing stress, protecting your vertebral column, reducing pressure and strengthening your muscles. If you adopt some daily habits, you can get relief from your back pain and lead a happy and healthy life.

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Following are some habits :

Keep a pillow under your knees while sleeping :

While sleeping, pressure is put on your back and spinal column. If you lift your legs up while lying down, the pressure on your back is reduced somewhat. This can be achieved by placing a soft pillow under your knees.

Increase your calcium and vitamin D intake

If you have strong bones, you are safe from osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is the most common cause of chronic back pain in advance age, especially in women. If you take plenty of vitamin D and calcium in your diet, you are protected from osteoporosis and back pain. Calcium is found in milk, curd and green leafy vegetables. Vitamin D is found in fatty fish, egg yolk, cheese and beef liver.

Change your shoes

Wear shoes that are comfortable for you and are low-heeled. They reduce stress from your back in standing position. Shoes that have less than an inch of heels are suitable for your back.


Good posture protects your spine and keeps it healthy and thus it does its work more effectively. Bad posture alters the architecture of the spine and thus puts additional pressure on it. Thus you should avoid leaning or bending sideways while standing and rounding your shoulders.

Sleeping position

Whenever you are suffering from back pain you are in the best position to sleep. Do not curl your body, even you have a strong desire to do so and keep your body straight. Otherwise do not sleep on your stomach; Your back pain will increase.

Take frequent breaks during prolonged activity

Whenever you are doing an activity that requires the maintenance of the same posture for a long time, like, t. V. Or watching a movie at your office work, you should take frequent breaks of walking or stretching at regular intervals to relax tired muscles. You should take a 10 minute break after every one hour.

Do your basic work

We know the many health benefits of exercise. A regular exercise routine that focuses on your core muscles reduces your risk of back injuries, such as muscle cramps or stretches. If you incorporate back and abdominal muscles into strengthening exercise in your daily workout program, you can prevent yourself from back pain or back injuries.

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