Having great content is at the core of every effective linking strategy. In order to develop back links you absolutely must give other sites a reason to link to you in the first place. Having some type of link strategy is an important step towards increasing the amount of search engine traffic you will receive. Search engines view other sites that link to yours as a 'validation' of the importance your site maintains within the community. The more incoming links you have the higher the ranking you normally receive and therefore you receive more search engine traffic. Being this traffic is free and also highly targeted you definitely want to attract as much of it as possible.

With that said here are 3 very simple but effective strategies you can use to build back links to your site.

Great Content

As mentioned already above it ALL starts with great content on your blog. If your content is good enough others will be motivated to link to it! You do want to be sure that any information you post does maintain a certain relevancy to your theme or niche. Also the more frequently you update your site with new information the more frequently people will visit and hopefully link up with your posts.

Post Comments on Other Blogs

Once the site owner notices a few of your comments they will likely visit your site to see who you are and what you blog about. As we have already emphasized if the information you offer is good enough they will likely link to it. In affect you are helping them to 'discover' your site and the great content it contains. Additional advantages to visiting other sites within your community are the tips and ideas you may pick up from various sites or even the discussions.

Link to Other Blogs

Do not do this with the expectations of gaining back links. Once other blogs notices links they will visit your site to see who is linking to them. Once again IF your content is good enough they will likely link to it. Even if you do not gain any back links you are still offering your own readers additional resources from which they can accumulate more information on their areas of interest.

The ultimate goal of an effective linking strategy is to increase the amount of search engine traffic your site receives. Getting free and highly targeted traffic like this is essential towards maximizing your online exposure while also keeping your marketing costs down. Every link strategy must include having great content on your site since this will be the motivation for others to link up with you in the first place. The 3 strategies we reviewed above are very simple to implement and yield great results. Just remember that it all starts with what you have to offer other sites in order for them to send back links to you. If your content is not something worthy of sending traffic to see all the efforts you put into developing any links will be futile. Great content and a little effort equal a massive amount of incoming links back to your site. It is as simple as that!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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