If you are learning how to consciously create your reality with the Law of Attraction it is very important that you believe in the universe’s ability to deliver your dreams. You will only attract what you believe in. Many of us, however, have an “I’ll believe it when I see it” attitude, and we want evidence that this law works before we choose to really believe in it.

Therefore, I’ve compiled 15 pieces of evidence for the Law of Attraction. Each of these items provides evidence for the Law of Attraction because in each scenario, you have first had a thought or a belief that later has appeared in your reality.

Chances are, you’ve seen these things before and you’ll see them again. Each time you see them, remind yourself that this is the Law of Attraction at work! It will instill faith in the process for you, which will help you believe in your ability to consciously create your reality.

1. Buying a new car and then seeing them everywhere
2. Learning a new word and then hearing it on TV or the radio several times
3. Thinking about a friend and they suddenly call you up on the phone
4. Thinking about someone and then running into them on the street or in the store
5. Talking about someone and then they show up out of nowhere (“Your ears must have been burning!”)
6. Hearing a song or a commercial jingle in your mind the second before it plays on the radio or TV
7. That friend of yours who has all the luck
8. That friend of yours who is sick and broke all of the time
9. All of your friends getting into (or out of) relationships at the same time
10. Everyone getting pregnant at the same time
11. Things that *always* happen to you (“the teacher always calls on me when I don’t know the answer!’)
12. Things that *never* happen to you (“I never win at the casino!”)
13. Seeing a certain time on the clock (I see 11:11 pretty much every day, twice a day!)
14. Great days where everything goes perfectly from start to finish
15. Horrible days when you shouldn’t have even bothered to get out of bed; just one bad thing after another

Again, each of the above items are examples of evidence for the Law of Attraction. In each scenario your thoughts have altered your reality to align with your beliefs. When you think about something intently (like your brand new car, or how great your day is going) you create a reality that contain the items you were thinking about (more cars like yours, or more good events throughout the day).

The beauty of these items is that they clearly demonstrate that your thoughts have repercussions. Without even having to do anything, you can see daily evidence of the Law of Attraction. Seeing this evidence will give you more faith in your ability to create your reality through managing your thoughts.

What other evidence of the Law of Attraction have you seen in your day to day life?

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Andrea Schulman is a former high school psychology teacher and the creator of Raise Your Vibration Today, which offers resources and education on the Law of Attraction. Andrea will also be offering seminars and webinars starting in the summer of 2015. To learn more about Andrea or Raise Your Vibration Today, please visit www.raiseyourvibrationtoday.com!