Everybody wants to live a healthy, happy and a long life, free from any diseases. That is the reason why looking after your health should be your first priority. Due to the drastic change in the lifestyle of the current generation, such as extreme boozing, consumption of fatty foods, late night snacking, etc. it can make a person unhealthy and can endanger the lifespan. It greatly affects the immune system of the body and makes a person weak. It is therefore important to give your immune system a healthy boost. To avoid nasty colds and flu, incorporate the following foods to increase your immunity naturally:

Oats and Whole Grains: Oats and whole grains are a rich source of fibre, which is highly beneficial for weight loss. They are also a good source of B vitamins such as folic acid, vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid. Vitamin B is good for the immune system. Including whole grains in your diet can help in providing the body with the daily requirement of fibre and nutrients. B vitamins not only fight off bacteria, but they also help in building up the immune system. Since B vitamins are water-soluble, they cannot be stored in the body and hence you should include whole grains in your diet. Include rolled oats in the form of porridge, poha or upma. You can replace white rice with brown rice to increase the nutrient capacity of your body. Also, consume whole grain wheat bread instead of the ordinary one.
Citrus Fruits: Foods which are rich in vitamin C boost your immunity. During summer, consuming fruits like oranges, grapes, including lemons in your diet, can help in bolstering your immunity. The lemon extract contains around 30 mg vitamin C which is enough for the daily requirement. If your body has enough vitamin C in it, there are fewer chances of catching a cold or flu. Vitamin C helps the body in producing white blood cells and antibodies which fights off the immunity disorders.
Bell Pepper: Citrus fruits are not the only eatables which possess the maximum vitamin C content. Other than citrus fruits, bell peppers also contain twice as much as vitamin C as citrus fruits. They are even a good source of beta carotene which also contributes in keeping your eye and skin health in a better condition. Citrus fruits also help in maintaining healthy skin, apart from boosting the immune system.
Garlic: No cuisine in the world tastes yummy if there is no garlic in it. It is found in almost every cuisine. Apart from adding a zing to your food, it is a must-have ingredient for your health. Garlic is known to slow the hardening of arteries and also helps in lowering blood pressure. Garlic consists of a heavy concentration of sulphur containing compound called allicin, due to which it strengthens the immune system.
Eggs: Apart from being a rich source of protein and iron, eggs are also a good source of vitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin which is important for the immune system. Other sources of vitamin A include fish, dairy products, cod liver oil, etc. vitamin A also consists of antioxidants which combat the free radicals from entering into the cells and tissues of the body. Add eggs to your breakfast food every day. You can even prepare omelet out of it. Add boiled eggs to lunch for a more nutritional benefit.
Lean Red Meat: Red meat is the richest source of iron. Red meat consists of a special type of iron called as haem iron which gets easily absorbed by the body. Iron is necessary for the body to stay healthy and keep going. It also helps in keeping the immune system strong. Rather than taking iron supplements, reach out to meat which is its richest source. Consuming meat twice or thrice a week is ideal for a healthy immune system. If you are a vegetarian who does not eat meat, you can include plenty of nuts, beans, eggs, lentils, cereals, green leafy veggies,etc.
Broccoli: Broccoli is considered as the king of the superfoods when it comes to adopting a healthy diet. Broccoli is a rich source of vitamin A, C and E along with antioxidants and fibre. For boosting your immune system, it is recommended to cook it slightly a bit or just consume it raw along with salads.

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