Forgiveness is confusing. Ask anyone and you get a different answer. Some people feel they have to forgive their perpetrator. “I’m not about to forgive the SOB that raped me when I was 12 yrs old and destroyed my life,” says Claire. But she hasn’t moved forward with her life since then. The “perception” of that event weighs heavily on her choices to find a healthy relationship or even trust herself again. When you carry the past like an anchor on your back, you block opportunities and make choices based on your past fears.

The ancient Hawaiians practiced a forgiveness process called Ho’oponopono (to make right). This relationship resolution process was practiced every night at sunset so that negative thought forms did not accumulate in the body. Instead of forgiving the “person who pushed your button” you FORGIVE YOURSELF for holding on to the perception of what it meant to you at that time. Instead of being plugged electrically to the circuit of the event, you UNPLUG or DETACH from the event. You offer the words “I forgive you” through Your Higher Self which has always seen you as perfection. The old thought form washes away and the other person is released to find higher ground. You feel lighter because you’re NOW in PRESENT TIME.

Negative thought forms stick to the body like plaque does to your teeth.
If you can brush your teeth daily, you can also daily dissolve the plaque of your soul. Come and experience Ho’oponopono together with ancient Hawaiian chanting, and feel the difference in your life. The CD, Chant and Forgiveness…A Huna Odyssey gently takes you through this process with yourself. You’ll be surprised how simple it Is to feel better about yourself. You deserve it.

Author's Bio: 

Belinda Farreell is a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistics Practitioner, and certified Huna Practitioner of ancient Hawaiian healing. She holds a B.A. degree in English and Spanish from the University of California at Berkeley and a Life Time Elementary Teaching Credential. Belinda is also trained as a Reconnective Healing specialist and in The Reconnection. In addition she has created three CDs: Sleepy Time Chant, Enchantment, and Chant and Forgiveness. Before dedicating her life to healing, Belinda worked as a TV News Reporter for ABC in Hollywood, a film and stage actress, and a professional stunt car driver for TV and film.