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In this rough economy and with environmental issues (i.e., global warming) making the news everyday, it has become more important than ever to "do your part" to live in a more environmentally friendly way and maybe even lower that energy bill!

Here are some everyday things we can do to reduce our energy use and live a greener lifestyle:

1) installing solar panels - reduces your dependence on power grid and reduces electric bill

2) buying a hybrid vehicle - lowers fuel costs with better miles per gallon

3) purchasing an electric lawn mower - save money on gasoline & oil

4) buy "low energy" appliances for the home - rated with 'Energy Star'

5) buy "environmentally friendly" detergents and soap, etc

6) planting more trees in your yard - more oxygen and filters the air

7) continue and expand recycling

8) car pool to work and consolidate trips when running errands

9) use A/C's sparingly and replace with fans on most days

10) reduce the "mowing size" of your lawn - by letting shrubs and trees grow

11) plan a small garden to supplement your food - reducing your dependence on the grocery stores and reducing your food bill (also local and organic)

12) get your 'news' online instead of paper - saves trees and reduces transportation costs

These are just a few everyday things that can make a difference to the environment and the wallet. There are some more suggestions for energy conservation at my conservation page.
There are no shortages of resources for climate change solutions to look into.

Also as a society we need to look at more sustainable ways of living and not continue to build developments scattered throughout the countryside, a good distance from the workplace; this necessitates a continued reliance on automobiles, fossil fuels, and road maintenance.

Other solutions to climate change include public transportation; this is the next best thing to bike riding and walking, but it is impractical for so many people unfortunately. Some countries develop infrastructure around public transportation and therefore reap the benefits of less fossil fuel consumption, saving money, and a cleaner environment. Public transportation and telecommuting (working from home) are some of our best solutions to the problem.

"Energy efficient" homes and businesses are another source of savings. Whether adding a solar panel or planting a vegetable garden, every little bit can help. Some businesses have adopted replacing black tarred roofs for white or even root tops with planted vegetation as solutions to climate change. This reduces the absorption of solar energy and thus reduces the energy use to cool the dwelling. Evaporation from the leaves of plants reduce the heating further. Some companies specialize in "environmentally friendly construction" that can lead to real energy savings employing the aforementioned roof-top strategies or a combination of different methods to lower energy costs.

There are solutions to climate change all around us if we have the ambition to investigate further. You and the earth will benfit.

Author's Bio: 

I'm a meteorologist who also has a great interest in environmental issues and global climate change. My goal is to blend a little science with my passion to do well for our Earth. :)