As your walking around a crowded busy street, stop and take a look around. Every single person has at least one thing in common; everyone, no matter what sex, age, race, or what your belief system might be. The common link, the common tie, the common factor is the color of blood. The color of their blood is red.

If people can focus on that thought, they will begin to see and feel beyond their own discriminatory boundaries. People would open up and welcome new cultures, new attitudes, and new awareness. People would be more giving if they realized the fact that everyone bleeds red.

We’re all going to die someday, that’s a fact. Until that day comes, no one should ever stand at a crossroad when it comes to helping another fellow human being out. Don’t look at their gender, don’t look at their age, don’t look at the color of their skin, simply realize that the blood running through their veins, is the same color of the blood that’s running through yours.

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