People who have addictive behaviors feel frustrated when they relapse in the recovery stage. With each relapse the feel of frustrated will be highlighted more, to where they believe that cannot be overcome their addiction. The root cause of inability to overcome any addiction is including: false beliefs and irrational exceptions.

One of the false beliefs about recovery that is repeated too much is; “I have decided that I don’t drink alcohol, so, I shouldn't have a problem!” While the fact that recovery is a process, not an event.

To decide for stopping addictive behavior is the first step, for attending to the end of the path of recovery, you need to more steps. Even an addictive behavior is formed during a long process. People don't become addicted just one glass of alcohol or one sex. It takes time to master each skill.

The achievement of mastery in addiction recovery as other arts requires weeks and months of hard work on yourself.

Principles of the art of addiction recovery

1. Being specific
2. Stopping the behavior is not enough
3. To leave the comfort zone every day
4. Monitoring the progress of recovery
5. To be aware of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors
6. Taking each day one step at a time
Being specific

Everyone has their own path to recovery, because no two people are exactly alike, they have different bodies, beliefs, values, feelings, behaviors, and environments.

Stopping the behavior is not enough

The psychological structure of person who had addictive behavior has high tendency to be addicted again. This structure should be changed so that he/she hasn’t be tendency to addictive behaviors. This change requires passing through the different stages of recovery process.

To leave the comfort zone every day

One of the main obstacles to change is leaving comfort zone, when you leave your comfort zone every day, the passing of comfort zone become an enjoyable habit.

Monitoring the progress of recovery

The recovery monitoring program should be designed so that maintains you in the path of growth. You can modify it to suit any conditions.

To be aware of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors

To get out of the addiction recovery first happens in the mind. When you have awareness on your thoughts and emotions you can easily and quickly correct any deviation from the path.

Taking each day one step at a time

When you take one step every day and make a small change, not only you keep yourself on the path of recovery, but you overcome resistance to change and any procrastination.
If you follow these principles, be sure that you can be overcome any kind of addictive behavior.

Author's Bio: 

Dr.Arbasi is physician and specialize in hypnotherapy.