Yep, you're not alone in North America or throughout the world if you are currently going through a condition called anxiety disorder. To put things in perspective for you 26.2% of people in America older then the age of 18 (1 in 4) are suffering from some sort of mental disorder, so to tell you the truth The Anxiety Guy was created mainly out of frustration.

I'm No Superman That's For Sure, But I Do Know What Works And What Doesn't When It Comes To Anxiety...

You may have read some of my posts on my thoughts about anxiety therapy, and prescription medications when it comes to panic attacks, generalized anxiety, health anxiety etc. I think it's all bogus really, and my goal is to create a community of like minded people looking to stop anxiety naturally. As I write this for you my readers now, I can't tell you the power that experience brings with it. My 6 year battle with health anxiety, panic attacks, and other mental conditions has shown me the two very real and very scary paths an anxiety sufferer can take.

Path #1) Natural path to conquering anxiety and panic. Embarking on a path where the unknown world is scary, for the simple reason that it's a path that is far too unfamiliar for the anxious minded person. It's like stepping into an extremely cold ocean of water, and pulling back instantly. The fear is just too much to take, it's uncomfortable and there is no guarantee in their minds of what the future will be like if they embark on this path of natural anxiety recovery.

Path #2) Coping and 'getting by' from day to day. This path is far more likely to not cause any unknown pop-ops from day to day. The anxious conditioning brews on just as it did the day before, the work day goes by just as it did, and the evening brings about a feeling of exhaustion, mental, and emotional fatigue just as it did in days before. This is the world that most of those 26.2% of Americans live in, and will be living in until their days are done. Simply fearing putting in both feet into the cold ocean water, and eventually swimming freely through their fears without paying them much attention.

Everyone who has naturally stopped their GAD, panic attacks, health anxiety etc after suffering for months and ever years has The Anxiety Guy in them. They have a unique set of tools in their mental and emotional toolbox that took time to condition, and now see the world much less darker then days past.

As unknown and uncomfortable as Path #1 may be, I challenge you, the one with the anxiety disorder to want more from life. Get to the point of what I call 'no return' and become fed up with continuing on a path that is far from your true potential. The Anxiety Guy End The Anxiety Program's checking in system provides you with a mentor, a mentor that has been in your shoes and can pick you up when setbacks occur (and they will). So take today to re-evaluate what your deepest desires are for your life, and get to the point of no return. Once that is accomplished your half way through that deep dark tunnel called anxiety.

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The Anxiety Guy is an inspirational story of overcoming ones greatest fears and anxieties naturally. After a 6 year struggle with anxiety disorders Dennis got to the point of 'no return,' a state that triggers the need to want to create a lasting change in our mental health naturally once and for all.