Most people, when selling comes to mind, think in terms of individuals who spin yarns, stretch reality, and try to take advantage of others. These near-sighted self-centered individuals are not actually sales people; they are misguided parasites killing the very relationships that could have brought them security.

True security, whether we are in sales or not, results from serving the needs of others in an honorable win-win manner. Any agreement reached must be worthy for all involved and when it is not, “no deal” is the final answer.

Selling is the art and science of solving problems and helping other people make sound decisions that will help them achieve their desires. People highly effective at selling are researchers, listeners, teachers, closers, and totally honest.

Why a researcher? Until you clearly see another person’s point of view, the chances of actually selling them an idea or thing that truly works is slim to none. People who don’t understand this use “pasta” selling. They keep throwing ideas, benefits, and features at a wall hoping something will stick.

Why a listener? The key to every sale is always in the other person’s mind. To uncover that key a person must listen closely. Not only to the words being said, but more importantly, for the motives behind the words. This is why individuals who listen best, sell the best. The most rewarding skill in selling is listening.

Why a teacher? The ultimate act in any sale is moving someone to a new view and having them accept it. In some cases the pictures that need to be painted are the benefits of having them agree to do business with you. In others, it’s the benefits of doing something differently than they have done in the past. In either case, learning curves are involved. Sales people who don’t understand this keep telling, telling and telling. Telling isn’t selling. Telling is irritating.

Why a closer? Where changes are involved decisions are scary. Most people, when they should be ready to buy, back off at the very last minute saying they must think about it. They are not going to think about it. What they are doing is delaying a decision. People effective at selling have mastered the art and science of helping other people make sound decisions.

Why is honesty important? By human nature, people know when someone is being straight with them and when they are not. Complete honesty builds trust and trust is the glue that binds people together - - in all relationships.

The proven keys to effective leading, teaching, preaching, parenting, and selling are found in mastering the art and science of helping other people make sound decisions.

Everyone is involved in selling ideas. Everyone sells.

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