Patients generally need reconstructive ear surgery because they either have large, ugly ears or they simply want to give their ears a new position or shape. This generally brings a very confidential look with a much better personality. People with these conditions generally go for the reconstructive ear surgery. They suffer from a condition when ears become overly large and it known as macrotia, their dissatisfaction due to inefficient results of the previous surgery and they are suffering from ear protruding beyond a normal appearance.

In the reconstructive ear surgery, otoplasty is considered to be most beneficial to create a more desirable look with the ears. Some patients need ear structure to be matched to their face and to those who have disfigurements because of accidents and births defects then otoplasty is used to increase their appearance to develop their self esteem and confidential level. Before your reconstructive ear surgery, you must schedule a medical visit for a professional evalutation. To have most of the success, you should discuss all of your goals and expectations from this surgery together with your surgeon. The surgical procedure must be adjusted according the patient needs if deemed necessary by the surgeon and any over drugging can increase the bleeding. Besides being responsible of the surgery itself, the surgeon must also assure the post operative care that is needed for the patient.

The day of the surgical procedure brings the need for the general anesthesia as well. This is essential for the patient's comfort. Whenever surgeons deal with patients who need the ear surgery to get rid of their protruding ears, they will try to make the incision in the back folds of the ear in order to decline the appearance of the scarring.

In the case of protruding ears, the cartilage is reduced from the conchal bowl (which is behind the ear) to obtain a smaller appearance. Based on the proportions that best apply to the face, your surgeoin can decrease or increase the anthelical fold. Non-removable sutures are always applied in order to have a changed ear shape and to keep the current shape and appearance of the cartilage. Once the sutures develop a new shape then the external sutures close up the incision in the back of the air. Unlike the medical surgical procedures of the past, when ears were pinned back having a non-natural look, these modern techniques will bring a natural shape of the ears. As soon as this process is complete, the effects come up instantly. The surgeon will dress your ears with proper dressings to support any types of healing. Since the locations of the incisions are smartly chosen, these operations will probably never leave you with any scars.

For all the people out there who feel unpleasantly because of the current shape of their ears (having protruding or big ears), reconstructive ear surgery is the best option. If you have the proportional ears it increases the outward appearance along with increasing your confidence level and self esteem in an ideal manner.

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