An Excerpt from the Book Wings to Fly: Your Daily Lift Off to Soar to Greater Heights

Why? Because you must be aware of everything that influences your life. If you don’t have this awareness, it will be hard for you to correct your direction to get to your destination.

Successful living is one of the areas in the book “Wings To Fly” that I explore in many different areas. Let’s get back to the statement; “Everything matters!

Here are some common things I hear.

  • "I live in this neighborhood but I don’t think it matters.”
  • “I’m around these people but I don’t think it harms me.”
  • “I hate my job, but it pays well so how I feel about it doesn’t matter.”
  • “My health is poor but I can live with it so I am not going to do anything to improve it because it doesn’t matter.”
  • The list could go on and on. You get the idea.

Everything matters! The reason is that everything in your life amounts to something. Whether it be your relationships, your job, your neighborhood, how you choose to live, or how organized you choose to be. It all matters.

It all matters because everything is a reflection to yourself and others of “who” you are. The question you must ask: Is this reflection tipping me toward a positive life or a negative one?

To change the reflection to a more positive image identify an area to improve. I suggest that you start with something small. Maybe your toothbrush is not in the ideal spot in the bathroom. Change it.

With one successful change, you build momentum for another change. Start with mastering the small changes. As you build confidence you can move onto the bigger ones. All change small or large is important.

Why? Because everything matters.

The above is a sample of the type of readings you will find in my daily reader, “Wings To Fly.” They are short, less than a page ask you to devote 1 to 3 minutes a day to your self-improvement.

In “Wings To Fly” you will find daily insights into a variety of topics from everything matters, to luck, to attitude, to relationships, to attitude, to confidence, to self-esteem, to productivity and making better decisions, to name a few, in creating your own path to take your life to a higher level.

Wings to Fly: Your Daily Lift Off to Soar to Greater Heights

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Steve Scott is a personal business coach, author and speaker.An entrepreneur for most of his career, his experience includes ,retail, service, manufacturing and international. He brings a diverse background and experience to his clients which run the spectrum from individuals to small business to large corporations.

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