Choosing a perfect dog bed might be easier said than done many a time! There is a range of dog beds for sale and you need to choose the one that ensures your dog a comfortable resting place. The sleep pattern of your dog is a major factor in deciding the type of dog bed. In case it likes to curl up, round dog beds like donut dog beds or nest dog beds that have a bolstered area to curl up and snuggle will be a better option. On the other hand, if your dog like to stretch out then rectangular beds will be the better suited as these provide more space for dogs to sprawl out.

Large breeds need bigger beds to sprawl out and to stretch their body while smaller dogs and pups that like to curl up would prefer smaller round beds. Measure your dog and compare it with the bed sizes available to make sure that you get the right sized bed for your pet. Measure your dog from the base of the tail to the tip of the nose, and add 12 inches to your total. It is better to go for a bigger bed than risking buying a smaller sized bed, which the dog will outgrow in no time.

The sleep patterns and personality of your dog do matter most while selecting beds. Remember, no two dogs are alike in their behavior; so do not imitate your friend in this matter. Go with your dog’s personality and you are the best judge in deciding what is best for your pet.

In case you have a puppy, it is better to choose durable, water proof and chew proof beds as they are still in the learning process and not yet fully potty trained. Puppies are playful and energetic and are difficult to control. It is better to look for a larger bed than your pup’s actual size as you don’t want your pup to outgrow its new bed too quickly. For an adult dog, a strong and durable bed will be needed as they will be hyperactive and playful. Aging dogs require special care and bedding facilities. In case they suffer from arthritis and joint pain, which are quite common in aged dogs, an orthopedic dog bed will be a better option as it will keep the dog comfortable and well rested.

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