Unpacking the new OnePlus 7? Feeling good about the smooth and slippery glassy finish of the model already? Off course! We are sure that the OnePlus has not even this time failed to stay in the place that it has created in the hearts of its permanent buyers. In spite of releasing the two models, OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 pro together, it hasn’t affected the sale of either, because of the different range of buyers that each model is attracting.

Coming to the elephant in the room is the gorilla glass that the new model has been sporting giving the twist to the look and creating all the differences. Being a glass as it is, the only problem that the users are facing is it is vulnerable to scratches and fingerprints even while touching. So to case it with a back cover is the only option that you can opt for. But are you worried about the case hiding the premium look that the phone is adorning?

Don’t worry because there is this online selling site, sowing happiness who are offering a vast design in the Back Covers for OnePlus 7. These cases are going to get a new makeover for your phone. With the new trend that has followed in the last few years about creating a fashion and style statements through the accessories that you are bearing, you can’t afford to look a complete fish out of water. Ironically the style criteria have overtaken the safety preference that a back cover is built to provide.
But with a phone like OnePlus which costs you a minimum of thirty thousand, you can’t afford to be carefree about its handling leading to more expenses at any time in the future. So the wisest thing to do is to invest a little sum on the cover that would protect the look and the phone for a longer time in the least.

Now, which cases would be the best to choose among the vast diversity in the phone back covers that the market is selling? When you buy the phone, the company already delivers a transparent phone case for OnePlus 7, but are they worth carrying? A big no! Because those cases are only good for protecting the back glass with the fingerprints, but in terms of safety from scratches and injuries, they are of no good at all. In terms of look, I guess they are the only ones that would let you showcase the original look of the device. But the best thing to choose is the cases made of hard plastic, polycarbonate. Because of its properties of being durable, impact-resistant, shock and scratch proofs, these cases have been leading the market for quite some time now.

These cases are strong, light to hold, and does not make you feel like there is an extra layer to your device. Also, these cases bear a classy matte finish texture with high-quality printmaking it an absolute idea OnePlus 7 phone case. You can choose from the different themes from quirky one-liners to motivational to abstract printed ones, from Sowing Happiness, at the exciting offers that are running right now.

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