The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has drawn up land accumulation policies to address the increasing housing needs in the area of Delhi, whereby different regions are to be reconstructed and affordable homes are provided with. One of the areas that had developed before its time, however, was the L-Zone. Several builders have acquired land by sending price speculations and have already sold a property for sale in L Zone, Dwarka.

Although the development program for the zone remained under review, buyers and investors understood they were being duped as there are still bureaucratic obstacles to the land pooling scheme under which this area was to be built. But in the last seven years, has the circumstances improved? Not too much.

L-Zone Current Status:
In 2019 the Delhi Land Pooling Policy was approved by the Department of Housing Ministry. The Delhi Development Authority has launched an online platform to promote the online application for potential buyers. Now, the DDA is beginning to analyse the income records of the land provided under the scheme of land pooling. More than 1300 requests for titles of ownership have already been checked. Approximately 6,000 requests were submitted by August 2020. The submission window was open until 14 November 2020 to express readiness to engage in land pooling.

The policy restricts the floor area ratio (FAR) to 200 compared with 400 previously proposed FAR, due to water shortages, to the minimal FAR. Zone L is also the most important growth opportunity with a rough area of 11,690 hectares and an empty area of more than 8,000 hectares.

The policy encourages property owners to enter online and mandates that at least 70% of land in a specific sector's region be developable, free of burden, to be combined to enable the sector to be qualified for development by an online application process. Landowners form a partnership and hold 60% of the pooled land and hand over the residual 40% to the service providers or the DDA for the development of roads and public amenities. Landowners may become an independent developer company and build as a subproject 60 percent of the land.

Furthermore, the Regulatory Authority for Delhi real estate is now working, which implies that developers paying the purchaser that booked land in the L-Zone must supply the owners with copies of the Title Agreement.

L Zone Advantages:

  • The L-zone is the biggest in Delhi's 15 areas and is situated in south-west Delhi. A considerable part of the housing requirement in the area is anticipated to be met. It is close to the airport of IGI and is situated conveniently between Dwarka and the Dwarka Expressway in Gurgaon.
  • The Smart City L-Zone is to be integrated into solar power plants, rainwater collections, and monitoring by CCTV. In some sources, over 2,000 units were started in two years' time in the region. The highest availability for the Rs 40 lakhs – Rs 80 lakhs segment, followed by the lesser prices than Rs 40 lakhs (affordable housing).

Eligibility For Landowners:

  • The policy is accessible to landlords, who already own land in the regions recognised by the DDA underneath the government policies.
  • Land sections of any magnitude can be taken under pooling if individuals slip throughout the regions recognised by the DDA.
  • A property owner who isn't really part of a developer corporation and occupies only about two hectares of land would only be liable for building space. At the moment the development process will be finalised, the return of the built space to those landlords will be determined.
  • Only when a baseline of 70% of the growth area in the region will be pooled and the parcels will be enclosed, only then will a sector be deemed eligible for advancement.

Final Words:
Provide the registration number of the venture with the RERA. Any investor may purchase land, but before the investment, one should always ensure that the area is recycled. Until continuing, the purchaser must read and comprehend the land pooling policy.


Question: Is it possible to apply online for land pooling in L-Zone?
Answer: Yes, interested investors can surely apply online for land pooling in L-Zone.

Question:How can anyone find the DDA GIS survey no?
Answer:If the survey has been completed by a local agency, then you can find it on the DDA portal online.

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