Sometimes, people want to cleanse their colon to get rid of the waste that hasn’t been removed as yet or for clearing out toxins that are not moving fast enough on their own. This is where a salt water flush can be immensely beneficial. The typical diet that people follow these days is one of the primary reasons why a large majority ends up suffering from constipation and irregular bowel movements. In the long run, this problem can be fixed by eating more fiber and leafy green vegetables for added roughage. But, what do you do in the short run?

This is where a salt water colon cleanse can be helpful for people who are suffering from problematic bowel movements, or worse, no bowel movements at all. Essentially, it is another form of a colon cleanse. While enemas are the most common type, but they are more costly and invasive due to which they are not a very practical solution for everyone. Plus, this kind of cleanse is usually done when preparing for a colonoscopy. In contrast, a salt water flush is an easy one because it can be done at home with ingredients that you already have in the pantry.

The purpose of this salt water cleanse is to force a bowel movement so the digestive system and colon can be cleansed of any toxins that were lingering there. This salt water flush is basically a part of Master Cleanse, an overall cleanse program that has been endorsed by a number of celebrities. In this Master Cleanse, all that’s consumed is a salt water drink, a lemonade type drink and a laxative tea. But, you can also do the salt water cleanse on its own and without other fluids. In order to do a salt water flush, you should avoid eating anything at least one hour before starting.

You should take one liter of water and put in two teaspoons of excellent quality sea salt, preferably Himalayan salt, and stir it until the salt is fully dissolved. It is recommended that you drink the entire mixture in one shot and as quickly as you can and then lie down on your side for half an hour. The effects will start kicking in soon and you will experience bowel movements often so it is best to stay home that day. The first one will be very intense, but the others are less so as more waste is eliminated from your system.

There are a number of benefits that you can enjoy when you do a salt water flush.
Some of the top ones are:
• Cleanses the colon and eliminates the toxins
• Cleans all wounds
• Restores hormonal balance
• Helps in easing sore threats
• Eases fluid retention
• Helps in balancing the pH level in the body by making it alkaline
• Effective in decreasing pain in inflamed muscles and joints
• Balances minerals and electrolyte levels in the body
• Optimizes the digestion process
• Gives the body trace minerals
Thus, your body will feel better and healthier thanks to a salt water flush.

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