What is Fissure?

Anal fissures are cut or tear near the anal opening and these are commonly found in both men and women. These are of two types: acute and chronic fissures. If the fissure is present for less than 6 weeks then it is called an acute fissure and if it is present for more than 6 weeks then it is called a chronic fissure.

What are the symptoms of fissure?

• Need to strain while passing stools.
• Bleeding
• Itching in the anal region
• Painful defecation

What are the causes of fissure?

Chronic constipation
• Diarrhea
• Child Birth
• Anal Sex
• Tear during the insertion of a rectal thermometer, enema tube.

Who is at risk for Anal Fissures?

These can occur in anyone whether male or female, even in children also. In older ages, there is less risk of having an anal fissure.

How Anal Fissures are diagnosed?

These are diagnosed by physically examining the patient. In rare cases, tests are recommended to rule out the underlying cause of fissure.

How to prevent fissure?

• Avoid irritating the rectum.
• Keep the anal area always clean.
• Use soft towels or cotton pads to clean the anal area.
• Promptly treat all occurrences of constipation and diarrhea

How to treat fissures?

MCDPA Treatment: MCDPA regimen was devised at Healing Hands Clinic Pune to cure patients using medicines and physiotherapy. MCDPA is Medicines, Constac, diet, physiotherapy, and Ayurveda. If fissures are not cured using MCDPA treatment then only, in rare cases only surgery is recommended.

Surgical treatment:

Botox Injection: It is injected into the internal anal sphincter to relax it and the effects last for 3 months by which fissure is healed.

Laser Sphincterotomy: Laser procedure for the treatment of Anal Fissure done by Leonardo Laser. This procedure is almost bloodless and enables quick recovery.

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