Bouldering mats are essential parts of bouldering in the outdoors or the gyms. Also known as crash mats, they are designed to protect the climbers from possible injuries while falling from the boulder. Selecting the right crash mats needs you to consider a few points. 

Here’s a look at some tips that will help while buying the bouldering mats:

  • The size of the mats

The size of crash mats will depend on the size of the boulder in the gym. They can be bought in different sizes, but the crash mats are primarily available in sizes- 4x6 inch and 6x12 inch. Choosing a mat that covers the landing area of the boulder in the gym can be helpful.

  • The thickness of the mats

The thickness of the crash mats is the deciding factor when absorbing the impact if a climber falls. Mats come in the thickness range of 3 to 5 inches. A thicker mat offers better protection. However, it is heavy to carry and move. 

  • Check the durability

Durability is an essential factor when buying a bouldering mat for the gym. These mats are vulnerable to wear and tear because of their frequent use. Therefore, it is crucial to pick a mat made from durable material which can sustain heavy use. Choose mats made from high-quality foam with a sturdy outer layer like nylon. 

  • Transport and storage ease

Crash mats are pretty bulky, making it essential to choose mats that can be transported or stored easily. In addition, it is helpful to have mats with backpacks and handles to be easily carried, folded, and stored. 

  • Compatibility

If you wish to buy multiple mats, look for compatibility between them. For example, the bouldering mats should be able to connect securely to ensure no gaps. In addition, the mats should be placed side by side securely. 

  • Budget

The price range of the crash mats can differ from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Therefore, consider the budget while choosing crash mats to offer excellent value for money.

Investing in quality mats pays off in the long run. They are highly likely to last for a longer duration and protect the climbers in a better way. 

  • Added Features

Some mats come with added features making them more versatile. Look for mats with a waterproof outer layer or those that can be used as a crash pad for other activities, such as acrobatics or gymnastics. 

Tips for taking care of the bouldering mats in a gym

Now that we have seen the benefits of bouldering mats, it is time to see how to take care of them to make them last longer. 

  • Regular cleaning

Crash mats need frequent and constant cleaning to remove the dirt, sweat, and chalk that can collect on the mat’s surface. Use a brush with soft bristles or a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and debris from the surface. If the crash mats are dirty, they can be cleaned with mild detergent and water. Rinse the mat and let it dry thoroughly before using it the next time. 

  • Proper storage

When the mats are not in use, they must be appropriately stored in a cool and dry space that is well-ventilated. The mats should not be stored under direct sunlight or in areas with high humidity. It can make the foam degrade in the long run. Store the mats flat instead of folding them to avoid creasing the foam. 

  • Rotate mats

Rotating and cleaning crash mats is a good idea in gyms where they are used extensively. It makes sure that mats wear off evenly. It also extends the lifespan of the mats. If two mats are frequently used, switch the positions almost weekly to get used evenly. 

  • Repairing damages

Bouldering mats might develop holes and tears in their outer layer. The mats should be repaired as early as possible to prevent the foam from getting exposed, as it can be risky for the climbers. Most crash mats come with repair kits that work if you follow the repair instructions. 

  • Replacing worn-out mats

Crash mats come with a specific lifespan and will need replacement after a point. A few signs that your mat needs replacement are visible wear and tear, foam feeling compressed, and insufficient cushioning. If it is time to replace the crash mat, always look for a quality replacement. 

  • Using a cover

Using a cover is an excellent way of protecting the mast from dirt and dust. Covers made of canvas or nylon are an excellent choice for crash mats. 


Bouldering mats provide many benefits for gyms, climbing centres, and climbers. They can help prevent the risk of injuries, improve confidence, and offer a comfortable landing surface. Also, taking care of the bouldering mats is essential to ensuring the climbers are safe. It also helps in extending the longevity of the mats. 

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