If you own a car, you must insure it. But which insurance is the cheapest and has the best benefits at the same time for you? And should the car be fully or partially insured? And are there any special advantages of getting car insurance for teachers? Here you will get the answers to all of these questions in this post.

The way to optimal car insurance for teachers

The number of cars on road traffic is increasing and thus the risk of accidents and the resulting costs for the polluter increases. Even if you are traveling as a teacher to go to school, come back home or use the streets with your car in your free time, you can get involved in accidents and be asked to pay. Since the follow-up costs of an accident become very high very quickly. It is very important to take out car insurance so that you will not immediately run into any financial difficulties. The increasing volume of traffic also leads to a growing range of options for car insurance for teachers, so it is important to get the best information before you graduate in order to make the right choice for yourself.

Compulsory insurance in the field of car insurance for teachers

Motor vehicle liability is particularly important in car insurance. According to §823 BGB, everyone is to be held liable for damage caused and must bear the costs, damages, and pain. Motor vehicle liability for teachers covers all financial damage caused by an accident caused by the policyholder. This includes property damage, for example to the vehicle of the opponent of the accident, personal injury such as injuries to the injured party, and financial loss if, for example, loss of earnings arises as a result of property damage and personal injury. Since traffic accidents can quickly lead to enormous costs, motor vehicle liability has been made compulsory by the legislature. It protects the victim who can walk safely that his costs are borne and, above all, he does not have to do without necessary medical treatments and operations because the money is not there for it. However, compulsory insurance also protects you as a teacher because claims for damages and claims for compensation for pain and suffering can quickly lead to long-term financial worries.

Protect your own vehicle with car insurance for teachers

However, it is not just the opponent's costs that can arise. Your own vehicle is also affected by an accident or threatened by many other dangers, which can quickly lead to high and unplanned financial burdens. In these cases, there is comprehensive insurance for you to consider, which is divided into partial and comprehensive insurance. Partial comprehensive insurance for teachers comes into play in the event of damage caused, for example, by storm, hail, and fire or by collisions with animals or the bite of a marten. Fully comprehensive insurance applies to damage to the vehicle caused by self-inflicted accidents or vandalism.

The comparison for the optimal car insurance for teachers

As already mentioned, there are countless providers of car insurance, which is partly due to the growing number of vehicles and partly due to the liability in the liability area. More and more people need car insurance, so there is great potential for insurance companies to win new customers with particularly attractive terms. In order not to lose track of all the different discounts, conditions, and special services, but to find the contract with an optimal price-performance ratio, it is advisable to compare the different options. The car insurance for 30 days offers you a quick and convenient way to protect your vehicle under special circumstances, for example, when you are leaving the vehicle in storage or lending it to a friend or a relative. Similarly, in situations like handing your car to immature or temporary drivers, this offers short-term protection.

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